Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description


3 era’s of Games Athletes putting their heads together to create an exclusive teenage comp experience that will fill the hearts of the most courageous Aussie teens.

Sign up for an action packed day across 5 scored events with a Live DJ, a viewing grandstand & a half time entertainment show with Ricky Garard.

We’ve transformed Benton into a mini arena where you will be going head to head against your own age group in a 10 lane format just like the big stage. 

It’s our mission to provide more opportunities for teenagers to showcase their hard work & experience the thrill of competing. 

Every athlete who enters will receive a personalised athlete placard with the opportunity to be signed by Games Athletes Ben Garard, Ricky Garard & Tyler Hickey & get photo’s with them during the comp. 

The days programming is specifically designed & tested for teenagers to be inclusive, fun, but still challenging.

Our goal is to expose what the human body is truly capable of & athletes will walk away with a huge sense of pride & accomplishment. 


Individual Male & Female 


13yrs - 15yrs 

16yrs - 17yrs

18yrs - 19yrs  

7am - 7:45am 

First Heat: 

Podium Presentation:
4:30 - 5:00pm 

Now Open (12 Midday, Friday 10th May 2019.)

BATTLE OF THE TEENS is focused on quality over quantity to ensure a fair test of fitness for all age groups.

Limited spots available. 

First in best dressed policy. 

Strictly no refunds. 

Split evenly between the WINNER of each category. 

Tune in to our BATTLE OF THE TEENS Facebook page for latest event info, workout videos & updates. 

Full effort = full victory.

Train hard. Train smart. Be ready. 


Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Event 1 - Part A:

0:00 - 8:00 (8min)

Ascending AMRAP.

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 x Straight Leg Raises

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 x Front Squats 

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 x Burpee Over Bar 

8:00 - 9:00 (1min) REST 

Event 2 - Part B:

9:00 - 14:00 (5min)

Find Your: 1RM Power Clean 

***Division Standards***

13yrs - 15yrs: FS @25kg/20kg 

16yrs - 17yrs: FS @35kg/25kg 

18yrs - 19yrs: TTB or 3x SLR, FS @45/30kg 

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

Event 2: Part B

(9:00 - 14:00)  5 Minutes To Establish A:

1RM Power Clean 

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 11

EVENT 3: (TIME CAP 11 Minutes)

For Time:

30 x Alternating DB Snatch 

30m x Slider Seal Walk 

20 x Alternating DB Clusters 

20m Slider Seal Walk 

10m DB Overhead Walking Lunge 

10m Slider Seal Walk 

**Division Standards**

13yrs - 15yrs: 12.5kg/10kg DB

16yrs - 17yrs: 15kg/12.5kg DB

18yrs - 19yrs: 22.5kg/15kg DB

Score = Time Finished or Time Cap + Reps Not Completed e.g. 12 reps missed = 11:12

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 13

Event 4: (TIME CAP 13 Minutes)

For Time:

45/35 x Calorie Row 

45 x Power Snatch 

45 x Wall Balls 

45 x Shoulder To Overhead 

***Division Standards***

13yrs - 15yrs: PS & S2OH @20kg/15kg, WB @9/6kg & 8ft/8ft

16yrs - 17yrs: PS & S2OH @30kg/20kg, WB @9/6kg & 9ft/8ft

18yrs - 19yrs: PS & S2OH @35kg/25kg, WB @9/6kg & 10ft/9ft 

Score = Time Finished or Time Cap + Reps Not Completed. E.g. 12 reps missed = 13:12

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 10

EVENT 5: (10 Minute Time Cap)

3 Rounds For Time:

30m Mini Sled Pull/Push 

12 x Peg Board Feet Assisted Pull Ups

50 x Double Unders or 150 x Singles

**Division Standards**

13yrs - 15yrs: Ring RowsSled @20/10kg

16yrs - 17yrs: Sled @25/15kg 

18yrs - 19yrs: Sled @30/20kg 

Score = Time Finished or Time Cap + Reps Not Completed. E.g. 12 reps missed = 10:12

For Single Skips: Whatever Number They Get To If Time Capped. Divide That Number By 3 & Round Up Or Down To The Nearest 3. E.g. 88 Singles divided by 3 = 26.66 so round up to 27. 

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...