Pure Payne Summer Throwdown 2019

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Pure Payne Throwdown is a local fitness competition for males and females of all fitness levels.  This is an opportunity for gyms and affiliates from across the Lower Mainland to get together, enjoy some healthy competition, and make some new friends in the fitness community!

Get your teams ready and for the 2019 Pure Payne Summer Throwdown!

The Pure Payne Throwdown is a team based competition hosted by Pure Payne Strength and Conditioning

Teams will consist of 2 athletes (either 2 male, 2 female or mixed pairs)

There are 3 divisions:

Division 1 - Firebreather

Division 2 - Intermediate/RX

Division 3 - Scaled​

*All teams will compete against each other in their respective divisions (i.e. Div 1 male teams will compete against Div 1 mixed teams)*

The Pure Payne Throwdown will also be featuring:

- T-shirts for each member of the team
- Prizes for the top 3 teams in each division

Spectators are welcome!

We look forward to another great event!