BCS Classic - Family, Fitness, Faith, Festival

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

How would you not only like to become a part of our BIGGEST. EVENT. EVER, But also save some of your precious, hard-earned cash in the process?

The BCS Classic is back and this year we are doing something we have NEVER done before. It is going to be HUGE!

This year we are turning our annual fitness competition into a full-scale event for all family members to enjoy. 

Just a few of the features this year: Speakers. A kid’s zone. Top-tier vendors. Food. Even a fun-run! 

Trust me. If you have enjoyed our event in the past even a little bit, you will NOT want to miss out this year!

And by registering early, during the month of May, you will save 25% off of the full registration price of $200 per team (two people).

Here’s why this is such a great deal…

In the past, you likely paid full price to compete in our annual competition. And we worked hard to make sure that you received more value than you paid for. 

THIS YEAR, when you register early, you will be paying LESS for WAAAAYYY MORE. Not only will you reserve a spot to compete in our competition, but you will also get all-access to the rest of the special events that we will be hosting. 

More details will soon be released on specifics but for now I just wanted to give you the opportunity to save some of your hard-earned cash! 

But be sure not to waste any time! I will only be sending out a few notifications before the early registration window closes.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...