Major League Games Open 2019

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

2019 Major League Games Open Dates:

3rd May –ML19.1 (Release 12PM AEST – Submit Scores 9th May 10PM AEST)

10th May–ML19.2 (Release 12PM AEST – Submit Scores 16th May 10PM AEST)

17th May –ML19.3 (Release 12PM AEST – Submit Scores 23rd May 10PM AEST)

24th May –ML19.4 (Release 12PM AEST – Submit Scores 30th May 10PM AEST)

Registration Will Be Open Until the 9th May 2019 10AM AEST


To Find out if you have already registered for the Open please email:


Major League Athletes are now in age Categories, starting from: 16-19, 20-29, 30-34


AGE ELIGIBILITY: If you are 15 turning 16 before October 31st 2019 you are eligible for the 16-19 Age Category. This concept is also for those deciding what age category to choose. Eg. If you are 29 turning 30 before October 31st 2019, the Age Category you would select would be 30-34


DIVISIONS: When you register you are required to enter as a Hurricane (Beginner), Spitfire (Intermediate) or Mustang (Advanced) depending on your ability. See divisions page.


During  May each year, 4 open workouts will be released, you will be given 1 week to complete each of these workouts (so 4 weeks in total) at your own affiliate, Gym or Training Facility, movement standards will be provided and you will need your workout judged and verified by a  Coach, Certified judge or a Certificate Level III or IV Trainer.

You can perform each workout as many times as you like during the allocated 1 week and when you submit your verified score you will be able to track yourself on the leader board alongside all of the other athletes in your division and across your country and also nationally.


LEADERBOARD: Each individual athlete will be able to track their ranking on our live Major League games Open leaderboard which can also be found on our website -

The Top 5 athletes from each State, Division and Age Category from the Major League Games Open will qualify for the September Event on the 21st - 22nd in Melbourne Australia.





Address: 362 St Kilda Road, St Kilda VIC 3182


Address: 33 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park VIC 3206