The Thin Line Hero Week Challenge presented by SRVS Gear

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

This one belongs to our loved ones, who are serving our country both domestically and abroad.  This is the competition you deserved back in February, to test who is the fittest amongst you in your line of duty, as well as among all who hold the line.


A one-week, online challenge, that has 3 workouts, that represent each of the three "Thin Lines." The Red, First responders.  The Blue, Law Enforcement.  The Green, all military branches. There is a civilian online leaderboard, that will be able to show you all the support that you are receiving. 


This competition is heavily guided by TCM, SRVS Gear, and The Southwest Championships. All staples in the fitness communities abroad.  Help us honor those that are holding the line currently, with workouts that will honor those that held the line, and made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.


The workouts, are some of the workouts we test every year, and they are meant to be able to test your fitness but remember the sacrifice of these warriors. In these tests, you'll see simple movements you'd see in the Open, minus handstand walks, and Ring Muscle Ups, but will challenge you in many other ways. 


Dates: July 1st - 7th (pre-registration happens on June 7th and last day to sign up is June 23rd, 2019

Prizes: Top Finish overall males and Females* 

- Free Entry to The Southwest Championships in Orem, Utah August 30-31

- Hotel for that event is paid for

- SRVS gear nomination for Special Prize

-$250 Prize (potentially more depending on sign ups)

*If you deny invitation to TSWC then you will win all prizes except hotel, and entry will be given to runner up

Early Bird Entry (6/7-6/10) $15 

Regular Entry (6/10-6/23) $25

*All participants will have a chance to buy a t-shirt representing their line, for only $10 additional by SRVS Gear.

*No refunds

*Workouts Will Be released in Full, June 30th at 6PM, however teasers will be released before then!