Battle at Pecos

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Come out and compete in a fun competition for a good cause. All the proceeds from this event will go to support The Adaptive Kids Class at Incite. This competition is for anyone and everyone of all abilities. Teams are Male/Female with an RX/Scaled Divison. 

Incite’s Saturday Squad started in January of 2017 as a volunteer program with the purpose of giving children with disabilities a life long definition of health. With the help of countless volunteers and the Incite community our program was able (and continues) to grow and prosper. The Saturday Squad has become a pillar of the Incite community.

From the beginning our team has focused on helping each and every child we could. Every week we focus on giving these athletes the tools that are necessary to succeed in life. We work specific goals with our athletes ranging from basic functional movements such as balance, coordination, and mobility to more advanced functional movements such as upper/lower body and core strength.

Our program has grown from over the years and we are currently able to provide classes for children ages 4-7 and children 8 and up.

We believe that every child can be successful no matter what, that every child can push past their limitations and achieve things most people never thought possible.