USAW Sanction Event by Brigade Barbell Club

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Please join us for our inaugural 2019 Brigade Barbell Club Open June 15th. Current USAW Youth, Junior, Senior and Master division lifters are all welcome. Non USAW members welcome as well. Members must have current drivers liscense and member ID day of meet. This meet will serve qualifying totals for American Open Series 2, American Open Series 3 and American Open Finals for 2019 and not yet listed 2020 national meets.

Eligibility: Lifters wanting a qualifying total for national meets must be in good standing with a USADA certification and a current USAW member. Singlets and lifting shoes required for usaw members. Recommended, but not required for non members to wear lifters and singlet.

Rules: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg bars available, 1kg rule will apply.

Awards: To top three lifters of each weight class male and female and best overall male and female lifter award using sinclair for current USAW members only.

Registration Fee:

1st Early Registration deadline April 15th-May 15th. USAW Members $35. Non members $25

2nd Early Registration deadline May 16th-June 5th. USAW Members $50. Non members $40

Last Minute Registration deadline June 6th-June 14th. USAW Members $75. Non members $65. (Will not guarantee award due to late registration).

Day off Registration, June 15th. USAW members $100. Non members $80. (Awards not guaranteed).

Will have videographer, photographer and platform recording of lifts on site capturing each lift.

Event T-shirt TBD very soon!

Registration link('s) and Facebook event page coming Monday April 15th.

Any questions, please email at anytime or facebook message Brigade Barbell Club.