6th Annual Dynamite Duo!

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Event Day Schedule
NOTE: This competition is exclusive to members of CrossFit Tribe, CrossFit Resistance, Spry Society, CrossFit Reason, NuiFit and Superhuman CrossFit ONLY.
This will mark the 6th Annual Throwdown between our boxes, and we are proud to welcome a couple new boxes into the mix this year!
Like last year, this year's Throwdown will be a partner competition with pairs of the same sex with a masters a master's division (35+)
  • There are 3 divisions: Rx'd, Rx'd Masters, Scaled (all ages)
  • The competition will will consist of 3 workouts.  
  • Early Registration (by April 30th) for the event will be $120 per pair, and go up to $150 on May 1st.  The registration will cover the cost of t-shirts and prizes for the top finishers!  
  • We are capping the competition at 60 teams
Teams must register NO LATER THAN Monday, May 25th so we have enough time to put in the order for competitor t-shirts.
Movements List (subject to change):
Toes to Bar (Scaled - Knee Raises)
Clean & Jerk
Box Step Overs
DB Power Snatch
Handstand Walks (Scaled - Wheelbarrow Walks)
OH DB Lunges
CTB Pull-ups (Scaled - Ring Rows)

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...