MVMT42 Weightlifting Competition

Olympic Weightlifting Event

Event description

You will have 3 attempts in the snatch, followed by 3 attempts in the clean and jerk. Your highest completed lift in each will be added together to create a total. We will be dividing lifters based on their starting lifts into groups. We will have prizes for the heaviest lifts in those groups, as well as the person with the best lifts compared to body weight in each category, and the best technique award. 

We have 40 spaces, which will be roughly divided between guys and girls. We are also looking to invite some lifters from some other gyms on the south coast to start to create a weightlifting community down here. 


We will be weighing you at the start of the day, this will be fully clothed. No ones bodyweight will be shown publicly, its only so that we can work out your sinclair adjusted score.