Mixed Sex Pairs at CrossFit Colchester

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Mixed Sex Pairs Competition

Date: Saturday 27th July

Time: 12pm - 6pm)

Venue: CrossFit Colchester (CO49TB)

Aimed at those who went Rx in the Open…
* Can perform all Barbell movements at 50kg/35kg
* All Gymnastics movements that appear in the Open Rx

With two weeks until Crossfit Colchester's Mixed Pairs Competition we've added an extra incentive to enter... 

Win event one and we will reimburse your entry fee and you'll bag you and your team mate a Built For Athlete Rucksack!

Event One…

This event is to be completed and recorded before the competition on 27th July and will serve as the first scoring opportunity for the competition. This is for the RX category ONLY.

Part A

0 - Min 8

Row Calories
Over Erg Burpees
Min 8 - Min 9 
Part B
Min 9 - Min 17
Pull Ups
STOH @ 40/25

(Score is total reps scored across Part A and Part B)

Workout Details:

  • This workout consists of two 8 minute AMRAPs with a one minute rest in between. 
  • Both AMRAPs consist of two movements. 
  • Only one athlete can be working at a time. 
  • Your score is total reps performed across both AMRAPs combined - there is only one score. 
  • Movements in each AMRAP can be performed in any order and in any rep range. 
  • You must complete at least one rep of each movement within in each AMRAP - the minimum work requirement for part A is 1 calorie row and 1 Over Erg Burpee. For part B 1 Pull up and 1 Shoulder to Overhead.

All movements performed equate to one rep: 
One Calorie = one rep 
One Over Erg Burpee = one rep
One Pull Up = one rep
One STOH = one rep
Movement standards are in line with the CrossFit Open.

Submitting your score

This workout must be recorded so that all movements can be clearly seen. The video must begin with an athlete clearly stating your team name and the full name of both athletes. 

  • Before the clock is started the rower screen must be shown, clearly displaying ZERO calories. The rower must not leave the frame thereafter.
  • During minute 8 (the rest) the rower screen must be clearly shown to display the number of calories completed.
  • Upon completion of the workout the barbells and plates must be clearly shown individually.

Videos can be submitted via Facebook to our Crossfit Colchester page or emailed to info@crossfitcolchester.com - a link to a Youtube video is preferable (ensure the video is public). Please include your score (e.g. 300 reps) and team name with your submission. 

Deadline for submission is Thursday 25th July at 9pm. No scores submitted after this time will be accepted and teams will be given a score of zero for Event 1 if this workout is not completed. 
A one second penalty will be given for all reps deemed not to achieve the movement standards outlined. 

*In order to claim the event prize you must also enter the competition and compete at the final. Winners will also be reimbursed their entry fee.