The Syndicate Series Presents The Battlegrounds

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Syndicate Series has been born. We are paying homage to our roots and starting a new type of competition format. We will kickoff the first annual event called The Battlegrounds at the 12 Labours Columbia District. It will be a premier fitness competition for the community. Athletes from affiliates in the greater Baltimore/Columbia area will have a chance to compete in a partner format. We will have multiple divisions and make sure that all athletes have the ability to compete.

Preparing for the unknown and the unknowable. The two person team competition will be held on Saturday, August 17th. The workout stages will be comprised of outdoor events. There will be no olympic lifts or high skill gymnastics movements, instead grunt work style workouts will take place. The only prerequisite is hard work. 

No Refunds. Substitutions Only.

Divisions (Teams of 2):⁣⁣
Male/Male Pair⁣⁣
Female/Female Pair⁣⁣
Male/Female Pair ⁣⁣



Event 1: Sandbag Run

Event 2: Prowler Push

Event 3: Twisted CrossFit Total 


No Refunds. Substitutions Only.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...