The Syndicate Series Presents The Battlegrounds

Event description

The Syndicate Series has been born. We are paying homage to our roots and starting a new type of competition format. We will kickoff the first annual event called The Battlegrounds at the 12 Labours Columbia District. It will be a premier fitness competition for the community. Athletes from affiliates in the greater Baltimore/Columbia area will have a chance to compete in a partner format. We will have multiple divisions and make sure that all athletes have the ability to compete.

Preparing for the unknown and the unknowable. The two person team competition will be held on Saturday, August 17th. The workout stages will be comprised of outdoor events. There will be no olympic lifts or high skill gymnastics movements, instead grunt work style workouts will take place. The only prerequisite is hard work. 

No Refunds. Substitutions Only.

Divisions (Teams of 2):⁣⁣
Male/Male Pair⁣⁣
Female/Female Pair⁣⁣
Male/Female Pair ⁣⁣



Workout #1: The Burden of Atlas

For time:

20 synchro burpees over sandbag

1 mile sandbag run(70/40)

At the call of GO, both athletes will perform synchronized burpees over the sandbag. Once all the repetitions are completed, the team will advance by carrying a sandbag on a 1 mile run. Athletes can switch carrying the sandbag at any time. Both athletes must cross the finish line  for the final time.

Workout #2: The Boulder Dash

For time:

4 Rounds of Prowler Suicide

Round 1: Team

Round 2: Individual

Round 3: Individual

Round 4: Team

What is a Prowler Suicide?

10 yards down (high bar)

10 yards back (low bar)

20 yards down (high bar)

20 yards back (low bar)

30 yards down (high bar)

30 yards back (low bar)

For time:

At the call of GO, both athletes will push the prowler together down a designated distance with the high bar setting and back with the low bar setting for the distances of 10 yards, 20 yards and 30 yards. Once the first round is completed, one partner will repeat the same designated distances for round 2 and then the other partner will do the same for round 3. During the two individual rounds, partners are permitted to switch at any time but only with a penalty, which will be released at a later point in time. Once the 3 rounds are completed, both partners will work together one last time to push the prowler as a team for a final prowler suicide. Weights for the prowler will be announced closer to the competition.

Workout #3: The Game of Totals

15 min AMRAP

Synchro Sandbag Complex

Ski Cals 30/25/20


Sandbag Complex includes:

Synchronized Sandbag Clean and Jerks

Synchronized Sandbag Squats


*Add 4 reps to each movement of the Synchro Sandbag Complex per round

*Score is total repetitions + Ski Cals

*Sandbag weights will be released closer to the event


For time:

At the call of GO, both athletes will be working together to perform 4 repetitions of synchronized sandbag clean and jerks then 4 repetitions of synchronized sandbag squats. Once these movements within the sandbag complex are completed, one athlete will be working at a time to accumulate calories on the SkiErg to finish that round. Athletes are permitted to switch at any time on the SkiErg. Once the total number of calories are shown on the monitor, both athletes will then advance to complete 8 synchronized repetitions of each movement within the sandbag complex and head back to the SkiErg for a second time. This pattern of ascending repetitions (4,8,12,16,20…) will continue throughout the duration of synchronized sandbag complex followed by the same amount of ski calories. The score is total repetitions plus ski cals.


No Refunds. Substitutions Only.