Battle of the Liberty Belles

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Females Only

Same Sex Team of 2 Novice Competition

Divisions: RX/Scaled/Masters/Fun

Location: High Order East Haddam, CT

Grab a partner and register for The Battle of the Liberty Belles. Compete in 3 workouts to test your fitness level. There will be a tiebreaker if needed to determine win. 

What is the fun division?

Fun division allows you to compete without scores. That's right, it's for fun and uses scaled weights for the competition. Experience the high energy environment without the stress of placing. 

What to bring: We have a huge parking lot so please bring tents, coolers, food, beverages, pets (must be on a leash at all times and not allowed inside the gym), friends, family, and most importantly- a positive attitude.

Refund/Substitute Policy: We do not offer refunds for tickets purchased. You may substitute your team roster up until July 1st, 2019 by emailing Only 2 women per team. 

Location: We are tucked away in the East Haddam Industrial Park. Turn on to Matthews Drive. At the top of the hill take a left (there is a sign). Turn left to go around the huge yellow building. There is another sign with our business name. We are the brown building two left bays. Contact 860.891.8070 for directions. We will have volunteers to help with parking.


Register by June 15th to receive a tank or tee!




Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 12

5 Rounds For Time

10 Toes To Bar/Hanging Knee Raises

12 Deadlifts 125/95lbs

14 Box Step Overs 2 x Dumbbells (20/10lbs each hand)

16 Synchro Goblet Squat 20/10lbs (Each partner holds 1 dumbbell)

On 3,2,1, Go, team will work together to complete each round in order. Reps can be broken up between partners as they like.

Toes To Bar/ Hanging Knee Raise requirements: CrossFit Games standard

Deadlift: Conventional deadlift, CrossFit Games standard

Box step over requirements: Step overs will be performed with 2 dumbbells held in any position- side, front rack, shoulder, overhead. Dumbbells cannot rest on the leg.

Synchronized Goblet Squats requirements: Goblet squats will be synchronized and each partner will hold one dumbbell of either 20lbs (RX) or 10 lbs (Scaled). Partners will start and finish the repetition at the same time.

Score is time. If team doesn't not complete the workout in 12 minutes, each repetition not completed will count as one second.

Example: Team completed 4 rounds and clock runs out as they complete 11 synchro goblets squats on the last round. Team is 5 repetitions short from completing the workout. Their score would be 12:05.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

9 Minutes

Minutes 0 through 3- P1 finds cluster 1RM (squat clean thruster)

Minute 3 up to minute 6- P2 finds cluster 1RM

Remaining time-Max calorie row (partners alternate as they like)


On 3,2,1, Go partner 1 (P1) will have 3 minutes to find a cluster one repetition max. Partner 2 (P2) may assist in loading P1 barbell. Final lift must be started by the time the clock buzzer sounds to count. At the 3 minute mark, P2 has up to 3 minutes to find cluster one repetition max. P1 may assist in loading of P2 barbell.

*As soon as P2 finds 1RM team may move on to the row and the team has until the 9 minute mark to accumulate max calories.

Example: P2 performs a 65lb cluster with 5:00 on the clock. Team may spend 4:00 on the rower.

Example 2: P2 performs a 95lb cluster with 5:59 on the clock. Team may spend 3:01 on the rower.

Cluster requirement: Bar will come from the ground to the front rack, pass through the squat, and finish overhead in a controlled and locked out position. Scaled athletes can power clean to a thruster. Athletes may go down or up in weight on a missed attempt.


At the 6 minute mark, the team will moveon to accumulate max calorie row. Partners may split up work as desired.

Score- Combined cluster 1RM weights will be added to total calories rowed.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


I go, You go format

13 min AMRAP

4 burpees over bar

6 Shoulder to Overhead (S2OH) 55/35lbs

8 American KB Swings 35/26lbs

6 S2OH 55/3lbs5

4 burpees over bar

Partners will alternate complete rounds


On 3, 2, 1, Go P1 will complete a round. As soon as the last burpee is completed, P2 may begin the next round. Partners will alternate rounds until the clock runs out.


Burpee requirements: chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom and you must jump (RX) or step over (scaled) the bar to complete the rep. CrossFit Games standard. Hips do not need to fully open when jumping or stepping over the bar. 

Shoulder to Overhead requirement: Bar will be come from the ground and the movement begins with the bar on the shoulders. A press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk are allowed. Athlete must show control of the bar overhead in a locked out position for the rep to count.

American Kettlebell Swing: Kettlebell shall pass between legs and finish with the bottom of the kettlebell pointing toward the ceiling. Arms will be locked out and inline with the ears and the hips fully extended.


Score- Totals repetitions in 13 minutes.