Battle In The Burbs - Use Your Fitness

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Box Hill's Battle in the Burbs Competition returns Saturday June 22nd, 2019.

An Individual competition for the EVERYDAY ter. The ter that trains to get better at life outside the gym. You might have completed your first Open this year, and got a buzz for the competition aspect of the Sport of Fitness, and are now thinking about doing your first Competition? You might be working on achieving your first HSPU, Muscle Ups or hitting a bodyweight Clean & Jerk or Snatch. Then LOOK NO FURTHER.
An individual competition is the best way to start, if you haven't competed yet. There is no pressure of believing you are letting your teammates down. Rest when you want to, Push YOURSELF when you are ready to. It's essentially you against you.
Our past competitions have always received amazing feedback, from the programming, running of the event, to the prizes on offer from our awesome sponsors.
- No higher skill Gymnastics (Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Rope Climbs, T2B or Chest To Bars).
- No ridiculously heavy weights.
A simple test of your ability to PUSH, PULL, CARRY and handle a few other curve balls that life may through your way, in a 4 WOD, single day event.
Our competitions are always spectator friendly. No long boring workouts. Simple & effective tests that leave the competitors challenged, and the crowd cheering you on.
Clean & Jerk 95/ 65# (42/ 30kg)
Wall Ball 20/ 14# (9/ 6kg)
Abmat Sit Ups
KB Swings 24/ 16kg
Pull Ups (a bonus)

This competition is NOT for anyone who regularly competes at an 'Advanced' level. If you regularly RX your gyms workouts, and have aspirations to compete at 'Sanctionals' in the near future (or have competed at the highest levels in your age group, Masters qualifiers), then this competition is NOT for you.

Registration Opens Tuesday 26th March
$70 (no event Tee)
$90 (event tee included)
Total Registrations are capped to ensure we are finished by 4:30pm on the day.


Registration will close 24th May or unless sold out earlier.




*Please note when choosing your Size for Event Muscle Tee - these are UNISEX AS Colour Barnard Tanks and are only available in 'mens sizing'. If the option to select a womens or youth size appears - these are unavailable (ignore).


To Purchase an Athlete Top - it must be added to your transaction for an additional $20 (additional transaction fee applies). Athlete Top is NOT included in the registration fee of $70


**Event Logo uses photos courtesy of Anthony Rogers Photography at our past events.*




Winners on the day will each receive a 5.11 Tactical Vest (20lb for men/ 14lb for women) valued at $350 each.



All Podium finishers will receive prize packs courtesy of True Protein, FitAid (LifeAid Bev Co), 1PB Apparel and Gorilla Health.




Please note, we will not issue refunds under any circumstances. You are free to transfer your registration to another person. You will be responsible for advising us of the transfer of registration by email to

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better



400m/ 300m x Row

15 x DB Thrusters @ 35/ 15s


*All Weights are in pounds.



Athletes will start on their assigned rowers. At the call of 3,2,1, GO, athletes may grab the handle and begin their 1st ROW.


Once the rower has ticked over their respective METER requirement (400/ 300M), athletes may then take their hands off the HANDLE and transition to the DB Thrusters.


Once 15 DB Thrusters have been completed, athletes will then return to the rower to commence rounds 2 & 3 in the same flow.


The workout is over when athletes have completed their final 15th Thurster of the 3RD and Final round OR if the time cap is reached.


Any repetitions not completed within the Time Cap will be added to the time cap time with 1 rep = 1 sec.


The Rower is scored as 1 rep per 50m

400m = 8 Reps

300m = 6 Reps


In the event an athlete is capped out on the Rower at for example 225m, it will be rounded DOWN to 4 repetitions completed. Similarly if they finished at 275, it will be rounded DOWN to 5 repetitions completed.



Any athlete that drops the DBs from above the knee will have their CURRENT SET of THRUSTERS NO REPPED. Meaning, if an athlete drops the DB's from any point above the KNEE CAP on their 15th Thruster on their last round - all 15 REPS will be NO REPPED. The athlete must restart the current round of Thrusters from Rep 1.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 6 | Tiebreaker: SB Run Time



600m Sandbag Run @ 75/ 55#*

20 x Reverse Sandbag Lunges

14 x Lateral Burpees Over Sandbag

8 x Pull Ups


* Athletes will receive a Tiebreak time at the completion of their run*



Athletes will start outside, with the Sandbags on the ground. At the call of 3,2,1, GO, athletes will pick up their Sandbag anyhow and proceed to complete the 600m track.


Once athletes return to the start line, their assigned judge will record their Tiebreak time. Athletes will continue inside the gym to their lane and commence work on the remaining 20 x Reverse Sandbag Lunges, 14 x Lateral Burpees Over the Sandbag, 8 x Pull Ups.


Once all repetitions have been completed, Judges will record the finishing time.


Any repetitions not completed within the Time Cap will be added to the time cap time with 1 rep = 1 sec.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better



9 x Deadlifts @ 95/ 65#

6 x Hang Power Clean @ 95/ 65#

3 x S2OH @ 95/ 65#

Max x Double Unders


*All Weights are in pounds.


SCORE= Total Accumulated Double Unders across the 3 Rounds.



Athletes will start in their lanes at their pre-loaded barbells. At the call of 3,2,1, GO, athletes will commence their 1st 60 second round, in which they will complete:

9 x Deadlifts

6 x Hang Power Cleans

3 x S2OH


Once the Final S2OH has been completed, athletes will then complete AS MANY DOUBLE UNDERS as possible in the remaining time of the 60sec window.


There is no transition time between rounds. As soon as the clock 'BEEPS', athletes will start back on the Barbell completing:

9 x Deadlifts

6 x Hang Power Cleans

3 x S2OH

Max x Double Unders in remaining time.


This pattern will be completed for a 3rd and Final Round.


SCORE = Total Double Unders accumulated over the 3 Rounds Only.


At the conclusion of the 3rd and Final 60sec Round, athletes will have 60sec to load their barbell to a weight of their choosing.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better



1 x Deadlift

1 x Hang Clean

1 x Shoulder 2 Overhead



Athletes will start behind their pre-loaded barbells. At the call of 3,2,1, GO, athletes will complete a single complex of:


1 x Deadlift

1 x Hang Clean

1 x S2OH


Athletes can use as many attempts as possible within the 2MIN period.


Athletes ONLY are responsible for changing the weights on their barbells.


SCORE = The heaviest successful lift


Athletes must complete the entire complex before the 2MIN expires for the Score to count.


Athletes can increase load by a minimum of 2.5# increments.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...