UNAA Ninja Competition at Camp Rhino

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

UNAA Area qualifier 2019.  Top 50% of each class advances onward!  Kids, amateurs, masters, and pros all welcome!!

Classes: (Age date cut off is August 1, 2018)

6-9 year old Boys and Girls 

10-11 Boys and Girls

12-13 Boys and Girls

14-15 Boys and Girls

16+ Amateur Men and Women

16+ Professional Men and Women

40+ Men and Women

Any Adult (16 or older) may compete in Pro Class or Amateur class, but, MUST compete in PRO if athlete in the last THREE years has been to Las Vegas on ANW, been in the Top 10 Pro class at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Finals or WolfPack Ninja Tour Finals. If you meet any ONE of these requirements you are considered PRO.

Amateur to Pro – If you were an Amateur in UNAA and made Top 5 at the UNAA World Finals, you must now compete as a PRO.

If any qualified PRO athlete violates these rules and is “competing down” into the Amateur classes, they will be disqualified from the competition and required to forfeit all earnings.

Athletes may compete in more than one class.   Example:   40+ may compete in Pro or Amateur also, but must PAY for two classes, but only run the course once, using that score for both.    Any youth Age group may also compete in an Amateur or Pro Class,  but must PAY for two classes and IF the course is different for their age group,  will run both courses.

RETRY Must be used on 1st obstacle failed.  The reason for this is it is more likely that an athlete will give a TRUE attempt on a obstacle,  if they MUST retry that obstacle failed and ALSO  if an obstacle is failed because of NOT making a True attempt under the Sportsmanship Rule,  it gives the Judge a chance to explain to the athlete that on the Retry they must make a TRUE attempt or risk being penalized .

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Course Time

Youth Obstacle course, will be slightly changed from the Adult course and include the same general obstacles with a slightly easier path to finish.  

16 Total points available (15 obstacle + 1 retry)

Time to complete is tiebreaker.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Course Time

Adult Course

01: Ropeswing to Quadsteps

02: Ropeswing to Balance Course

03:Tramp to T-Bars

04: Vertical Poles

05: Grip Jungle

06: Roller

07: Rolling Log

08: Toadstool

09: Lache to Salmon Ladder

10: 8' Lache

11: Disc Run

12: CliffHanger

13: Spider Wall

14: PegBoard

15: Warped Wall



01: Cannot touch the ground till after final plate. No run through.

02: Do not touch ground till other side of the 4'wall. Do not touch weights holding pegs, step for balance beams, feet for balance beams, or supports of the wall.

*3,4,and,5 will be continuous. The first vert pole will complete the t-bar and start vertpole. First grip will complete vertpoles and start grip jungle. No ground between.*

03: Starting on tramp no runup. multi bounce ok. t-bar to truss. ends on 1st v-pole

04: can use feet. no ground touch. cannot use overhead truss. ends 1st grip

05: can skip ALONG THE PATH, no crossing over. ON "TEETH", can use vert boards or cliff ledge, no grabbing top. must use first and last tooth or cliff ledge. cones to cannon bal must be a hop, no reaching. bell to finish

06: can use the truss to get on, hands free before rolling. no ground till platform

07: cannot use blue ends, only log. end with controlled landing on step.

08: must be 2-foot jump. no using beam. edge cant touch while on it, controlled landingon step to finish

09: no ground between box and 4th rung

10: can start on ground or feet on Salmon rungs, controlled landing on bar

11: No ground till final crash pad. controlled landing, no run through

12: start and end on trusses, feet off on first hold and hands on last hold before feet on. can use any hold, no top

13: using boxes and 6' wall to get to tramp. no ground between cliffhanger and other side of 6'/ tramp and end pad.

14: feet up before moving, 2nd row of bottom panel to 2nd row of top panel and back. secure in last holes before feet down.

15: back foot in front of tape line. chest to top to finish.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...