The Rockwell Championship (Individual Edition)

Onsite Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

The Rockwell Championship Main Event:

This is 2 day event on May 31st to June 1st. Invite only through a qualification process! This is year one of the Rockwell Championships and will be the only year that it will not be a #sanctionedevent.

What you can expect is two days worth of tests that will allow us to crown the fittest Teams, Individuals, Teenagers, and Weightlifters! Its also a way to celebrate and give back to the community!

There will be over 500 athletes, and thousands of spectators! Food, Live Music, MC's, Games, Giveaways, and celebrity athletes competing and featured!

Each Competitor who recieves their invite will be a part of the most amazing fitness festival to test your fitness that will allow you community, gym, state and country to be proud of!

Athlete Package 

Entry Will be $200 for each competitor ( unless you were podium in the qualifier) this entry will cover:

- Personalized Name Plate from Signs RX (the company that did the nameplates for The CrossFit Games)

- 3 personalized jerseys with your/team name, gym name, country, and athlete number printed on it (*we are working on shorts or leggings as well)

- Athlete meal, and after party tickets!

- discounts on hotels and rental cars

- Swag bags

-(Working on Personalized Rockwell Watches as well)


Podium Prizes (To be Announced)

But here is a tid pit! Looking to give away $50,000+ in cash prizes, and then fighting for a sponsorship with Rockwell Sunglasses and Watch Company to represent them throughout your competition year! And auto matic entry into the 2020 Rockwell Championship Main Event, which has a high likelihood of being a CF sanctioned event! (Negotiations pending) and much much more to be announced before APRIL 1!!


Rockwell Athlete Training Compound

1431 Redwood Road, Woods Cross, UT 84087



Signs Rx, Black Label Supplements, The Muscle Stache , WOD Relief, Competition Corner, Conquest Events, and more to be announced .....


There will be no refunds for this competition.

Parking will be announced 



Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...