WheelWOD Open

Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

WheelWOD Open is a adapted version (for Seated Athletes only) of the Annual WorldWide Online Competition of the Open. We are not affiliated with the Open. We are simply filling a need that is currently left out of the inclusive Open by adding a place where seated division adaptive athletes can compete.

WheelWOD.com implemented this free service to give Adaptive Athletes that use wheelchairs or participate/compete in the sport from a seated position. Also Help promote and spread the word to the masses of what adaptive athletes are capable of.

This Will be WheelWOD.com second year adapting the open and will have a men's & Women's Scaled & Rx Division. The Competition will Run Simultaneously with The  Open and adapt each workout as they are announced. The Workouts will be released at 6am EST the Friday Following The Thursday Night Open Announcement. This will include movement standards and video. All athletes are expected to submit scores and video proof by The Monday at 11pm EST to be eligible. The site will not accept late submissions due to any reason.

The Workouts release and competition schedule is as follows:
Work out 1 - February 26- 29
Work out 2 - March 4-7
Work out 3 - March 11-14
Work out 4 - March 18-21
Work out 5 - March 25-28

The Winner's of Them Men & Women's RX Divisions will be automatically Qualified to The WheelWOD Championships.

All Details and Rules Can Be found at WheelWOD.com