Femme Royale Women's Competition // QUAD

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Femme Royale Women's Competition
Teams of 4
Celebrating Mother's Day
Femme Royale is an ALL women’s fitness competition.  For women, by women. We believe in lifting others up, versus tearing them down. Getting women to step outside their comfort zones, and confront their fears through competition. We want to create an environment for growth and positive vibes only.
4 Girl Teams
3 Workout Events
2 Divisions FUN & RX
1 Purpose Release Your Inner Lioness
Saturday May 11th  @ Eagle Wing
Open to 30 teams of 4
Cost: $385
Athlete Check In :: 6:30am
First Workout :: 9am 
Awards :: Approx 4pm
Tips: Strategizing Your QUAD Team
Have a specialty – team up with other athletes that are strong in one area that you may be improving upon.
The workouts are designed for you to strategically choose your best teammate(s) to maximize your chances of winning!
Example of a Femme Royale QUAD Team


  • Example Athlete #1: Strong athlete, good conditioning, and gymnastics aka muscle-ups, pull-ups, and burpees.
  • Example Athlete #2: Gymnastics beast, has 5 or more bar muscle-ups, body weight ninja and great conditioning.
  • Example Athlete #3: Relatively great at everything – strength, conditioning, and gymnastics.
  • Example Athlete #4: 1st time competing, good motor, decent gymnastics – can do 5 consecutive pull-ups, and kills burpees.


  • You could just pick your favorite gal pals and come out and CRUSH !!!