Team Project X Seminar Perth CF Injustice

Event description

Spend a day with Team Project X!


Team Project X booked their ticket to the 2019 Games via the Australian Championship in January. As they prepare for their next event the Asian Championship, they will be touring boxes to provide their training, recovery, and mindset secrets.




Khan Porter: 4 x Games Individual athlete and gym owner.

Brandon Swan: 3 x Games Individual athlete and coach.

Jessica Coughlan: Games Individual athlete and gym owner.

Harriet Roberts: 2 x Games Team athlete and coach.




Throughout the day the participants will complete a number of individual and team WODs. Each workout will involve a specific brief regarding strategy and efficiency of movement, warm-up and debrief following the workout.




The seminar participants will be divided into even groups, each taken by one Project X team member. The small group will spend 40min, followed by a short break, then rotate to the next team member. Each team member will be running a workshop on the following:

- Gymnastics positioning, Pull-ups and Muscle Ups with Harriet Roberts

- Handstands, handstand push-ups and accessory work with Jess Coughlan

- The Olympic Lifts; barbell cycling vs heavy lifting with Brandon Swan

- Conditioning and maximising your metcon training with Khan Porter




In between sessions while athletes are recovering there will be three separate talks:

- Mindset: How to mentally prepare yourself to get the most out of your training and competitions. From setting effective process and outcome based goals, to creating productive habits around training, dealing with stress, nerves and anxiety, and how to use the concept of “play” to improve your entire training experience and results. 

– Training and programming for time: How (and why) to use EMOMs and intervals effectively in your training. The most bang for your buck movements everyone should be including in their programming.

- Recovery: Simple daily protocols to maximise your recovery as an athlete, and how these should change around competition time.




The seminar will conclude with a relaxed Q&A with the athletes – participants can ask about each athlete’s Games experiences, work/life balances, physical and mental battles, and the birth of Project X, plus anything else they can think of!




Throughout the seminar their will be food and drink breaks. Participants will be provided with complimentary Blue Dinosaur Bars, who are the bar of choice for Team Project X.