Toro Beast Wars Team Edition-ONLINE QUALIFIER

Online Competition for Teams

Event description


Toro Beast Wars is looking to change the face of fitness competitions! 

We are proud to announce our first TEAM competition. We have TWO ways for you to qualify for our live event in 5 divisions. 

Make Money.

  • In round one, owners will earn 20% back for their sign ups.
  • In round two, anyone who recruits teams will earn 20% back.
  • We are giving away RPM Jump Ropes in a raffle for any teams that sign up BEFORE March 31st. 
  • There will be cash prizes that rise as the sign ups go up. 

Common Sense Rules for the live event.

  • We will have paid coaches judging
  • We will set standards via video before the event. No athlete meetings. 
  • No extra cost for qualifying


Starts May 1

We will release workouts to be done IN HOUSE. These workouts will require you to perform them with your team. They can be completed at any time but we are encouraging you to do an IN HOUSE THROWDOWN. 

No videos are required and each box will send their top team in each division to the live event. 

Round Two-Qualify Online

Starts May 26th

We will release workouts to be completed on your own. This is for teams that may be from different gyms or have different schedules that do not allow them to workout together. It will also be a second chance for teams that did not qualify in part 1!

Teams will combine scores and spots will be given in each division to come to the live event. The number of spots will be determined on May 26th when part one has concluded. 


Live Event

July 27th at Toro Training in Brookfield CT

The best of both rounds will come to duke it out and compete for cash!!! Just like our first comp, the payouts will go up as the sign ups go up!


  • $25/athlete for either round. Round One athletes that choose to participate in Round Two will be $15
  • No refunds
  • Substitutes for an injury are allowed as long as they fit the requirements of the division
  • Everyone must participate in round one workouts or they will not be invited (example: you are the ONLY team from your box)


Beast-Teams will be MMF: These are the top athletes in your gym with no restrictions

Wolverine-Teams will be MMFF: These are the majority of athletes in the gym

Tiger-Teams will be FFM: These are athletes just getting started

Grizzly-Teams will be MMF for 35-44/ MM OR FF for 45+: Masters athletes that also have no restrictions. 

For more detailed information on divisions please visit our website or contact us. Follow us on instagram @torobeastwars