Girls Gone Rx Canada: Toronto

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Girls Gone Rx Canada is coming back to Toronto, ON!! We're super excited to announce this popular location, hosted by 416!

Our competitions are put on to bring all types of women together through Competing for a Cure.

Teams of 3 Badass Ladies:

4 Workouts + 1 Fundraising Score which counts towards 5% of your total score

Divisions: Rx and BAM (Badass in the Making)

Max Weights/Standards:

Some benefits of our events:

> Girls Weekend! Have a blast competing with your best friends for a great cause!

> Fun, rocking pink and glitter, challenging workouts, PRs, and tons of epic moments!

> No finals, all teams will get to do all workouts!

Registration: $270 per team. Registration will open March 2019

Tank Deadline: August 18th, 2019

$30 from every team registered is donated to the Canadian Cancer Society


In addition to some amazing prizes for the top teams, EVERY team will get an awesome swag bag! Swag bags include samples, freebies, coupon codes, gift certs, and more!


We do not do refunds for our events, but will happily accept team exchanges if you can find someone to take your team spot.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 12

Workout No.1: "Angel Number"
For Time:
75 Front Squats 55lbs (BAM: 35lbs)
75 Snatches 55lbs (BAM: 35lbs)
75 Cal Row

* One Athlete will work at a time
* Athletes may rotate at any time
* Each Athlete must perform at least one rep of each movement, and one cal on the rower.
* Snatches: May be any style (muscle, power, split, squat). Athletes will take the barbell from the ground to overhead in one motion.
* Time Cap: 12 minutes
* Score: Time (if capped, completed reps)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Workout No.2: "Triple Threat"
AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
12 Toes to Bar (BAM: Hanging Knee Raises)
24 Partner Wallballs 14# (BAM: 10#)
60 Double Unders (BAM: Single Unders)

* One Athlete works at a time during Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises and
Double Unders/Single Unders.
* Two Athletes work at at time during the partner wall balls.
* Score: Repetitions


Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Workout No.3: "Over Easy"
With a 5 min Clock, as many OHS as possible for total Load:
Team Weight Choices: 35lbs, 55lbs, 75lbs, 95lbs, 135lbs
Score: Reps x Weight

* The team will choose their weight for the OHS, and must keep that weight throughout the entire 5 minutes. All Athletes on the team will use the same barbell and weight throughout the 5 minutes.
* There is no min or max work requirement for the Athletes.
* The barbell will be from the ground, no racks will be used; however the Team may act as a "rack" if desired AFTER the first repetition of the workout is taken from the ground. The first rep must come from the ground and may not have any assistance from the team. The Team rack may only be in
a front rack or back rack position; no overhead rack height is permitted.
* Score will be calculated by taking the Teams chosen weight and multiplied by the number of repetitions the Team completed in 5 minutes.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 8

Workout No.4: "Senoritas"
3 Rounds For Time:
20 Single Dumbbell Box Step Overs 20" 35lbs (BAM: 25lbs)
15 Thrusters 75lbs (BAM: 55lbs)
10 Bar Facing Burpees

* Athletes will pick a order prior to the start of the workout, and will remain in that order throughout the workout.
* Each Athlete will complete 1 round of the workout.
* Athlete 1 starts at 3,2,1,Go and will complete 1 entire round and run back and tag Athlete 2. Athlete 2 will then complete 1 entire round and run back and tag Athlete 3. Athlete 3 will complete the final round of the workout and run back to the starting mat to finish the workout.
* Time Cap: 8 minutes
* Score: Time (if capped, completed reps)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Each fundraised $ = 1 rep. Worth 5% of the total scoring