Best Of The Midwest

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Welcome to the Inaugural Best Of The Midwest (Team Series)!

What is the Best Of The Midwest?

It is with great pleasure that ThriveFit, CrossFit Sworn, TWR CrossFit and CrossFit 9 Degrees bring to you a competition like none before it. With the changes in the CrossFit Games season we thought this would be a great way to reinvigorate local athletes and give them a season of their own to train around. Starting in April and finishing in October each of the above gyms will be holding one day compettions, just like we usually do. However we are encouraging people to sign up for all four so at the end of the last event we can crown the Best Team Of The Midwest.

What type of competitions are they?

All four competitions will be 4 person RX team events with 2 males and 2 females.

Movement Standards:

Deadlift (minimum): 225/155
Clean and Jerk (minimum): 185/125
Snatch (minimum): 155/105
Box Jumps (minimum): 24"/20"
Wall Balls (minimum): 20/14
All Dumbbell Movements (minimum): 50/35
All Kettlebell Movements (minimum): 53/35
Pull-ups: Yes
Chest to Bar: Yes
Ring Dips: Yes
Pistols: Yes
Double Unders: Yes
Rope Climbs: Yes
Toes to Bar: Yes
GHD Sit-ups: Yes
Bar Muscle Ups: Yes (finals only)
Ring Muscle Ups: Yes (finals only)
Handstand Walk: Yes (finals only)
Deficit HSPU: Yes (finals only)

What if someone gets injured or is away?

Do not fear using this page we are asking you to sign up 6 teams members 3 males and 3 females. Then for each competiton you sign the 4 people up best suited or available for that event. Substituions can only come from your team of 6 but it can be right up to the start of each event. NOT during!

How does scoring work?

Scoring for each competiton will be as normal where the teams are awarded points based on finish in each WOD. At the end of each event teams that podium will recieve vendor prizes. However teams that are signed up for The Best OF The Midwest will have their standings updated here too. The teams that podium after the final event based on their finishing position at each one of the competitions will then recieve generous cash prizes.

What are the competitions?

Event #1 - April 27 - Thrive Throwdown
Event #2 - June 15 - CrossFit Sworn
Event #3 - August 10 - CrossFit 9 Degrees
Event #4 - October 5 - TWR CrossFit Decathlon

Do we have to sign up for all the events?

To be eligable for the Best Of The Midwest you must partake in all four events. However all our competitions are available to enter on an individual basis too.

What next?

Sign up your 6 person team using this event page. The sign up fee will act as a deposit for the Best Of The Midwest Team Series. Each team will then recieve a coupon code for free entry into the last competition using the deposit they paid at the start. Once you have signed up you will be sent an email with a link to the Throwdown sign up & your code for free entry to the final competition.

*NOTE you must use exactly the same team name for each competition!!!


This sign up page garauntees your committment to The Best Of The Midwest and there will be no refunds. All further sign ups for the other competitions will be refundable based on their individual cases.

I have more questions?

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...