n00bfest 2016

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Join us for this beginner-friendly partner competition (same sex) for first time competitors! If you’ve always wanted to pop your competition cherry at a friendly, fun and high energy local throwdown, n00bfest is for you! Last year we had over 100 competitors, and we expect a large turnout again. This year, we are limiting the number of participants, so sign up ASAP to secure your spot.
Competitors should be able to perform some reps in basic bodyweight movements (pull up, toes to bar, push ups) and be able to comfortably achieve all points of performance in barbell exercises, such as full squats and full locked out overhead positions. Expect some basic barbell movements at light loads. No heavy lifting and no advanced gymnastics.
Competitors will compete in 3 workouts designed to test strength, endurance and teamwork. This is a FUN competition. The top three male and female teams will get some awesome medals for their hard work, and the teams with the best costumes will receive vouchers from our title sponsor, SKINS USA!
Register by January 16 to guarantee an event T shirt! Email info@code3athletics.com with any questions.