The Aslan Games

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Aslan Games is a new and exciting competition series. This is the first of many to come.

Date: April 13th - all day

Type: Same Sex Pairs. Men's Teams & Women's Teams

Scales: 2 (Competition & Fitness)

Where: ASG, Southport, UK

There will be 4 WOD's for everyone to complete.

ASG presents a competition, professionally run, but intimate and personal. Itll be fun, exciting but also 'tip its hat' to what makes so great... the community. 

All the standard challenges youve come to expect from a throwdown will be on display, but maybe a few different ones too. 


Movement Standards - outlined in the sign up process

What are the scales - "Competition" (Rx most if not all Benchmarks) & "Fitness" (Aiming to Rx The Benchmarks)

Parking - plenty, on-site and free

Food - we will have food and drinks for sale. There are a couple of supermarkets within 5 minutes drive of the venue

Special T-Shirt available during the sign up process

Refunds - we dont refund. 

Substitutes - are allowed, inform us as and when this happens

Pets - not allowed on site, simply due to the sheer number of participants