Walters Cup Throwdown 2019 Qualifiers

Event description


The Walters Cup Throwdown is a Team Throwdown where two buddies do the qualifiers together.
The different divisions are:
Elite Male / Male 
Elite Female / Female 
Elite Male / Female
Intermediate Male / Male 
Intermediate Female / Female 
Intermediate Male / Female 
Scaled Male/Female
Scaled Female/Female
Together with your buddy you can choose if you want to compete in the Elite division, Intermediate, Scaled or Masters division.
The scores and the links of the videos of the qualifying wods have to be uploaded by the athletes themselves.
We will work together with Competitor Corner, so can register your team and submit your scores in your Competitor Corner account.
After you’ve registered your team, you will receive a confirmation email.
The athletes will receive login details by e-mail in order to enter their scores and video links.
There are 3 workouts (Qualification WOD’s ) done by everyone. If one of the buddies can not do a qualifier for any reason, another athlete may step in as a substitute athlete, this needs to be done for all three WOD’s , so before the upload date of the scores. On the final day, the same athletes must appear, who have done the qualifying WOD’s together.
The Final dates are September 14th and 15th for all divisions. 
** Grand Prize **
Join in and win a fully paid trip to Wisconsin (USA),
including access to the 2020 Games!
This prize is for the winning buddy team and each division has a chance.
The rest of the winning teams will receive price money. 
Important dates:
The registration period is from February 10th to June 7th of 2019. 
The qualifiers registration fee per buddy team is € 52,50.
Qualifiers will be announced on June 10th of 2019.
The scores and link of the video of the qualifying wods must be entered at Competitor Corner by July 10th at the latest.
The teams that have finished the highest will receive an email no later than July 30th to accept their final spot by purchasing their final ticket. If the final ticket has not been purchased on or before the predetermined date, the final spot will be awarded to the team which will then follow the ranking. After the final ticket has been purchased, the team will receive a confirmation email.
The finalists will be announced between August 7th and August 10th of 2019.
The final days are on September 14th and 15ty for all dvisions in cooperation with Flames: Van Marwijk Kooystraat 4, in Amsterdam.