Stoic Wars Battle 2 | Teenage International Championships 2019

Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

It’s BACK!!

The sequel to last year’s epic battle is here!! If you missed out on last year’s fun, here’s your chance to join in on the competition of a lifetime… the Teenage International Championships, a CrossFit competition JUST FOR TEENS. 

The truth is

The truth is… there just aren’t enough competitions for our amazingly talented teen athletes to compete in, and it was time something was done about it. That’s why we decided to run a unique competition that is available to teens from all over the world, no matter their skill level, age or location.

So rise to the challenge by competing in one of the greatest online CrossFit events of all time!!

US $1000.00+ in prizes up for grabs!!

This year we have two skill levels

RX - for advanced athletes

Entry fee: US$40


Scaled - for beginner and intermediate athletes

Entry fee: US$25

This document will help gauge which division you should enter, as well as any unique equipment you may require to complete all the workouts.

Age divisions

13-14, 15-16, and 17-18.

Athletes will enter based on their age prior to the start of the competition


This competition will commence on the 2nd of May. A new workout will be released each Thursday at 5:00pm PT for 5 weeks (5 workouts). 

Workouts must be validated by a judge and/or filmed*. Scores must be submitted by the following Monday at 5pm PT each week. Judges have a further 24 hours to validate those scores.

*To qualify for prizes, athletes MUST submit a video.


For any inquiries, please get in touch with the event coordinator at


Rise to the challenge…

Let the wars begin!!

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...