Crown City Open #1

Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

Once again the Open is upon us. This year we are doing it a little different as there are 2 Opens, one in the Spring and another in the Fall. For this Spring Open will be running what we call "Friday Night Lights" every Friday beginning February 22nd. The times will be from 4-7pm and open to all members of Crown City.

The Open will consist of 5 weeks of workouts provided by HQ. HQ will release RX, Scaled and Masters versions of the workouts every Thursday night at 5pm. Workouts must be completed by the following Monday at 5pm. If the scaling options don't match your needs, no problem, just like a normal class we will adjust further so that the Open is accessible to all members.

We will be using Competition Corner to run our "In-House" Open so there is no need to register with .com unless you would like to see your world ranking.

The cost will be $29 which includes your Open team shirt.