Event description

Same Sex Buddy Pair:

Please read carefully to be sure you're in the right division.

It's actually quite simple ask yourself the following questions:
1) A: I can do 5 pull ups unbroken or more or B: I always do jumping/elastic band pull ups
2) A: My 1 RM clean is > 75kg* or B: my 1 RM clean is < 75kg (*female: 50kg)
3) A: I can do Handstand push ups or B: I do box push ups
4) A: I always try to do "the opens" RX or B: I do "the opens" scaled
5) A: I've signed up for former competitions in RX* or B: only done scaled division (any competition, not just BTD)

If you've answered 3 or more times A you could best sign up fort he regular division, otherwise go for scaled. If in doubt please feel free to contact us.