2019 Beach Throwdown Qualifier

Online Competition for Teams

Event description

Same Sex Buddy Pair:

Please read carefully to be sure you're in the right division.

It's actually quite simple ask yourself the following questions:
1) A: I can do 5 pull ups unbroken or more or B: I always do jumping/elastic band pull ups
2) A: My 1 RM clean is > 75kg* or B: my 1 RM clean is < 75kg (*female: 50kg)
3) A: I can do Handstand push ups or B: I do box push ups
4) A: I always try to do "the opens" RX or B: I do "the opens" scaled
5) A: I've signed up for former competitions in RX* or B: only done scaled division (any competition, not just BTD)

If you've answered 3 or more times A you could best sign up fort he regular division, otherwise go for scaled. If in doubt please feel free to contact us.

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...