True Grit at CrossFit Shallow Lake

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Same Gender Pairs (RX & SCALED)

Unsure of which division to enter? 

True Grit Movement Standards

Rx Athletes

Clean @185/125
Snatch @135/85
Shoulder to OH @155/105
Deadlift @275/225
Box Jump @30/24
Pull Up/C2B
Double Unders

Scaled Athletes

Clean @135/95
Snatch @95/65
Shoulder to OH @125/65
Deadlift @225/155
Box Jump @24/20
Ring Row
Hanging Knee Raise
HRPU (Hand Release Push Up)
Single Unders


Cash, prizes and medals for ALL podium teams in the Rx division.

Prizes and medals for all podium teams in Scaled division.

All participants will receive a t-shirt and swag bag!


January 10 - February 1st 

$169.00 +HST (Per Team)

Discount Code: TRUEGRIT2019 

*Valid until deadline Feb 1st


Regular Registration 

February 2nd - March 15st

$189.00 +HST (Per Team)


Refund Policy
*No refunds. Substitutions of athletes may be made until April 13th, 2019. 


Plenty of parking available.

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Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 7

Hellacious D 


Rx Athletes

Synchro Deadlift @ 275/185

Synchro HSPU

Scaled Athletes 

Synchro Deadlift @ 225/155

Synchro Bar Facing Burpees 


WOD 1- Hellacious D Movement Standards

Synchro Dead Lift Movement Standards

A conventional dead lift (elbows outside the knees) must be used. Sumo dead lifts are not permitted.
The dead lift rep will be counted when both athletes are simultaneously holding the bar at full hip and knee extension with the head and shoulders behind the bar. 
Bouncing the bar is not permitted.
Both athletes do not need to have both bars on the floor at the same time, nor do both bars need to break contact with the floor at the same time. A rep will be scored each time the bar has been pulled from the floor and both athletes reach simultaneous extension. One athlete dropping the bar, or not reaching full extension before the second athlete has done so will result in a no rep. 

Synchro HSPU Movement Standards

Handstand stations will consist of three 10lb Rogue HG bumper plates and two 10-inch wide SkullMats. The bumper plates will be in contact with the side of the SkullMat. Athletes may not adjust the width of the plates at any time. 
While performing HSPUs, the metal ring of the bumper plate must be at least partially visible on the pinky-finger side of the outermost palm for both athletes. Hands wider than the outer edge of the metal ring at any time will result in a no rep. Athletes may not cross their hands at the handstand station. Please see picture attached.

Reps begin and end with athletes simultaneously extended at the elbow and hip, and heels are in contact with the wall.
Athletes are not required to have their heads in contact with the mat at the same time, but both must have their heads make contact with the mat before returning to extension. Failure to make contact with the mat at the bottom of the rep will result in a no rep.

Synchro Bar Facing Burpee Movement Standards

Burpees must be performed perpendicular to and facing the same bar. Reps begin by dropping to the floor. The athletes may jump or step back to begin lying on the ground. The chest and thighs of both athletes must be in contact with the floor at the same. Their heads must not be over top of the bar. Failure to have both athletes' chests and thighs in contact with the floor at the same time will result in a no rep.
Athletes may step or jump to return to upright, but a jump with a two-foot takeoff is required to jump over the bar. Full hip extension is not required while upright. Failure of either athlete to pass over the bar with a two-foot takeoff jump will result in a no-rep.
Rep will be counted each time athletes' feet touch the floor on the opposite side of the bar of each burpee.

Please refer to our Intagram page for video of movement standards. @crossfit_shallow_lake


Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better


Clean + Front Squat + Shoulder to Overhead


This event will be scored by summing the combined total of both athletes' heaviest successful complex within the 6 minute time cap.

Each pair of athletes will be issued one barbell and pair of spring collars per team.

Men will be issued a 45lb barbell, two 45lb plates, two 35lb plates, two 25lb plates, six 10lb plates, two 5lb plates and two 2.5lb plates.

Women will use a 35lb barbell, two 45lb plates, two 35lb plates, two 25lb plates, six 10lb plates, two 5lb plates and two 2.5lb plates.


Movement Standards

Each complex will begin with the barbell on the floor.

The Clean is complete when the athlete’s hips and knees are fully extended and the bar is resting on the shoulders in the front-rack position with the athlete’s elbows in front of the bar. Power cleans, squat cleans and split cleans are permitted.

Upon completing the Clean according to the standard explained above, the athlete will execute a Front Squat, wherein the hip crease drops below the parallel line of the knee with the barbell in the front-rack position, and then returns to full hip and knee extension.

Upon completing the Front Squat, athletes will then perform a Shoulder to Overhead; taking the bar from the front-rack position to overhead lockout with the elbows, hips and knees at full extension and the bar under control. The Shoulder to Overhead may be completed as a press, push press, jerk (push, power, split and squat are acceptable).


Blending the action of the Front Squat and the Shoulder to Overhead into a Thruster is not permitted.

If the barbell returns to the floor before the complex has been completed, the lift is invalid.

If the barbell returns to the floor before the athlete has achieved full elbow, hip and knee extension with the barbell under control, the lift is invalid.

Successful complexes will be counted so long as the barbell broke contact with the floor within the allotted time period.

Athletes can increase and decrease the loads as required, but are responsible for changing their own plates. Collars must be used for all lifts to be considered valid.

Athletes can perform as many complexes as they prefer during the allotted time, however only the weight of the heaviest successful complex will count toward to the total.

Please visit our instagram or facebook page for full video of movement standards.