Thrive Throwdown

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Welcome to the Thrive Throwdown!

What type of competitions is this?

This event will be RX Teams of 2 Women & 2 Men!

What are the standards for the competition?

Deadlift (minimum): 225/155
Clean and Jerk (minimum): 185/125
Snatch (minimum): 155/105
Box Jumps (minimum): 24"/20"
Wall Balls (minimum): 20/14
All Dumbbell Movements (minimum): 50/35
All Kettlebell Movements (minimum): 53/35
Pull-ups: Yes
Chest to Bar: Yes
Ring Dips: Yes
Pistols: Yes
Double Unders: Yes
Rope Climbs: Yes
Toes to Bar: Yes
GHD Sit-ups: Yes
Bar Muscle Ups: Yes (finals only)
Ring Muscle Ups: Yes (finals only)
Handstand Walk: Yes (finals only)
Deficit HSPU: Yes (finals only)

How does scoring work?

Scoring for each workout will be run as normal throughout the day of competition. Teams will score points based on finishing position in each WOD and lowest score wins.

What is the refund policy?

Refund requests due to illness or injury will be based on the indvidual case and its details.

What is the substitution policy?

Substitutions may happen before commencement of the competition but not during.

What refreshments will there be?

Light refreshments such as Fit Aids and Rx Bars will be available at the front desk. We will also have a food vendor serving meals.

What shall we bring/not?

Chairs, tents and coolers are all permitted but unfortunately we are a no pet gym inside.

Useful Information!

We have 2 onsite bathrooms and ample parking in front and behind the building.

Further questions please dont hesitate to contact: