The Cactus Games

Onsite Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

Who: Masters Individual Athletes (35+), Adaptive Individual athletes, RX Teams of 3 (MMM/FFF), and scaled Teams of 3 (MMM/FFF)

What: The Cactus Games is a premier functional fitness competition held in Phoenix, Arizona. This competition highlights Individual Masters, Individual Adaptive Athletes, RX athletes on Teams of 3 (MMM/FFF), and scaled athletes on Teams of 3 (MMM/FFF).

When: The 2019 Cactus Games is Saturday April 27th from 7:30am-5:30pm.

Where: Blade - 1614 W. Whispering Wind Drive Phoenix, Arizona 85085

Why: We hold a special place in our heart for our Masters and have the vision of creating a platform the best masters in the world will one day come to showcase their skills. This is why The Cactus Games will be host to those Masters ages 35+ to compete in their age groups for the title of the Southwest Masters Championship.

Our goal of The Cactus Games is to provide a platform for competitors of all ages, genders, and ability levels to compete and showcase their talents in a world class event. has brought us together as a community and we value it as something we will be able to do for the rest of our life and promote a long healthy life.



Early Bird Registration: February 5th - March 5th

- Must use code EarlyBirdCG19 to get the discounted rate

Team Fees: $230 + Competition Corner fees & taxes
After March 5th: $260 + Competition Corner fees & taxes

Individual Fees: $105 + Competition Corner fees & taxes
After March 5th: $130 + Competition Corner fees & taxes

Last day to Register and recieve a Tshirt is April 9th. 

Refund Policy: We do not allow refunds, but if an athletes is unable to compete due to injury we will allow them to find a replacement to take their spot. 

What to bring: Please bring your own water, food, chairs, and tents for Athlete Village. We also ask you bring your own mobility tools, and workout gear for the event. There is no food allowed inside the gym, and no drinks allowed on the turf, please keep all of that outside to helps us keep the inside of the gym clean during the competition.

Pets: Please do not bring your pets into the competition, we do not want to risk any animals getting hurt from equipment or people. Although we are pet lovers, not everyone is and we must respect that. 

Parking: The parking lot will be reserved for volunteers, Vendor Village and Athlete village, no cars will be allowed into the parking lot. Please park along the street, but not in other businesses parking lots (you will be at risk of being towed). It is encouraged to try and carpool to reduce on the amount of cars in the area. Drivers can drop off athletes at the front, but must park out on the street. 


Scaled Team
ONE team member should be able to do ull-ups, weights will be scaled.

Men’s Scaled Team of 3 (MMM)
Women’s Scaled Team of 3 (WWW)

RX Team
Team members should be able to do bar muscle ups, rope climbs, toes to bar and RX weights in benchmark workouts.

Men’s RX Team of 3 (MMM)
Women’s RX Team of 3 (WWW)

Individual - Men & Women Masters
RX weights Ages 35-49 Ages 50+ Weights will be scaled.

Masters skills ages 35-49 - Bar muscle ups, rope climbs, toes to bar

50+ - Toes to bar and chest to bar pull ups.

Men’s/Women’s age 35-42
Men’s/Women’s age 43-49
Masters Men’s/Masters Women’s age 50+


Individual - Adaptive Athletes

RX weights seen in the WheelWOD 2018 Open; variations based upon a seated athletes or a standing athlete (lower or upper limb)

Cash and Prizes: There are over $3000 in cash and prizes for this years winners.

Cash prizes: $750 will go to each of the RX Teams (M&F) Winners & $250 for Masters and Adaptive Divisional Winners

There were also be some awesome prizes from our sponsors.