2019 Open at CrossFit Waterloo

Online Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

2019 Waterloo Open is here!

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Waterloo Open/Games:

Everyone is encouraged to participate! Each workout will have scaling variations such as scaled, intermediate (new) & Rx. The workout variation is up to you to choose based on your skill level! You don’t need to stick to one division for all 4 workouts. Options are endless!

For an overview of this year's competition and past years click here

FAQ - https://help.competitioncorner.net/i-m-an-athlete


Coach Yash - yash@waterloo.com

Coach Steve - steve@waterloo.com

Registration Details:

Click here for details http://waterloo.com/2019/01/04/2019-cfw-open-registration/


***No refunds after registering***

Weekly Submission Details:

  • Workouts will be announced every Sunday at 10:00 pm the night prior to the Monday Waterloo Class. The workout will be programmed into Monday's Waterloo Class for you to complete.
  • You will have 1-week, until the next Monday to submit your score. This includes team scores as well (Team Captains). 
  • Scores will be due the next Monday at 11:59 pm. You can also check submission deadlines in the workout description.
  • No exceptions will be made for late submissions.

Individual Competition Rules:

  • Play fair, follow the prescribed movement standard for each workout based on your division. If you have any questions regarding movement standards please contact Coach Yash or Coach Steve.
  • Workouts can be repeated if necessary to achieve a better score. Be sure that you allow yourself enough time to repeat and submit your scores before the deadline
  • Carefully read how each weekly workout is scored. If you happen to make a mistake you have until the deadline to resubmit. If you have any questions please contact Coach Yash or Coach Steve

Team Competition Rules:

  • All members must be signed up as an individual to compete on a team and in the team competition
  • One member of the team (team captain) will register the team of 6 (3 males, 3 females)
  • Weekly Scoring - Since workouts will vary from scaled, intermediate and Rx. We ask that the final weekly scores be entered as Rx if 3 or more members completed the weekly workout Rx. If fewer than 3 members of the team completed the workout Rx then submit the final score as Scaled.

Qualifying Details:

At the end of the 4-week competition, the following individuals & teams will compete at the next stage of the competition, the 2019  Waterloo Games.

Rx Division

Top 6 Males

Top 6 Females

Scaled Division

Males final placing 7th-12th

Females final placing 7th-12th

Team Competition

*All teams compete regardless of placing

*Only 4 members (2 males, 2 females) are required to compete in the events at the Waterloo Games. This way the 2 extra team members (1 male, 1 female) can compete in the individual competition at the Games. The twist this year is that you can compete in both individual & team competition on the same day (optional). As long as your team has at least 2 males & 2 females to compete during the team competition you are welcome to do both

As stated in earlier blogs "Based on your combined scores as a team during the Open, the top team will be awarded a prize for winning the 2019 Waterloo Open! Also, top teams from the Open will be scheduled into the last heat at Waterloo Games giving you an advantage over other teams ranked below"

Any details not listed here can be found on our latest blog: http://waterloo.com/2018/12/20/-waterloo-games-2019/


If you're interested in helping out please let us know by clicking on the volunteer link above underneath "REGISTER NOW". All the current roles are listed in the form. You are allowed to compete and volunteer.