OCR ThrowDown-Presented by RUT Camp

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

OCR ThrowDown is the ultimate hybrid race designed to test all levels and categories of fitness. Our ThrowDown is a challenging 2 mile stadium race with a combination of 20+ obstacles, weightlifting and challenges that will push both your stamina, strength and mind. The runner will be uncomfortable and so will the weightlifter. It’s anyones podium. That’s the best part!


The preliminaries will consist of one male and one female athlete that will be sent off every 5 minutes. You will weave your way through the stands, eventually ending up at a ladder of exercises. This will be repeated four times, with the obstacles and challenges changing each round. The obstacles/challenges will be grouped by the seven primal movement patterns. You will squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, twist and walk.  Every lap will also have a different carry associated with it from kegs, to wreck bags to wheelbarrows.

ThrowDown Finals:

The finals will consist of the top 8 athletes (1-4) and (5-8) of each gender category competing in the finals for the three podium spots. This is where the ThrowDown really happens!!

What to bring:

Chairs to sit on the grass as well as tents, coolers, necessary fuel and whatever else you may need to be a spectator. Food will also be available for sale from the Lakewood High School Track and Cross Country programs.

Expected time to finish:

15 - 30 minutes for your actual wave, but please be prepared to hang with the family throughout the day. This is a spectator event. You will compete, refuel, then possibly compete again or watch fellow athletes compete like nothing you have seen before.

Racer Time Slots: You will receive your start time when you check in the morning of the event.  You may enter as an individual or as a team.  If you enter as a team, you will split the laps and will be required to pass a RUT flag pole from member to member to indicate you are on the next lap.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: ThrowDown

Lap One  Keg RUN  **
1- 10 X Hand Release Push-ups (Chest to Ground, hands release from ground, push back to full arm extension)
2 – 10 X Goblet Squat to Bucket | M 32 KG / W 20KG  (Kettlebell held at chest, butt to bucket)
3 – 10 X Barbell Deadlifts | M 195 / W 135  (No Sumo, full extension is required)
4 – Slosh Pipe Walking Lunges (Knee must touch the ground, pipe must be overhead with arms fully extended)
5 – Pinch Plate Carry (must hold plate on top rim, no using barbell holes)

Lap Two  Wreck Bag Run | M 70 / W 40  **
6 – 2 X Tire Flips (Flip one direction and then back to the starting point)
7 – 10 X 1-arm Dumbbell Floor To Overhead|M 45 / W 25 (Dumbbell must touch the ground, full extension at top)
8 – 10 X Lateral Box Step Overs  (two feet start on ground, two feet touch the top of the box, two feet back to the ground on the opposite side = 1 rep)
9 – 10 X Weighted Jump Ropes (with band around your ankles) 
10 – Double Awkward Carry (Carry a Log and Slam Ball in any fashion) ** 

Lap Three Wheelbarrow with weight |M 100 / F 75
11 – 10 X Burpee To Bars (Burpee then jump to pull-up bar, one hand must touch the bar)
12 – 10 X Box Jumps |M 24 / F 20 **
13 – 10 x Ball Slam Shrugs |M 80 / F 60 **
14 – Firehose Pull and Drag | M 100 / W 55 
15 – Jerrycan Farmers Carry

Lap Four 
16 – Balance Beam ( if you fall off the beam, you must start over)
17 – Low Crawl 
18 – Sled Push and Pull (push there, pull back)
19 – Tire Run (foot must go in the center of each tire)
20 – Corn Hole (You must complete 8 throws, then you have an option for a half field bear crawl or you can choose to continue to throw)

Sprint to the Finish

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: ThrowDown


Track and Bleacher Run

10 Toes to Bar



Track and Bleacher Run

2-10xBarbell Push Press - M 115 - W 75

3-10xBarbell Clean - M 135 - W 85

4- 10x Barbell Deadlift - M 205 - W 135

5-10x DB One arm floor to Overhead - M 50 - W 30

6-10x DB Weighted Step Ups - M 50 24" - W 35 20"

7-10x DB Thrusters - M 40 - W 25

8-10x Weighted Jump Rope

9-10x Box Jumps

10-10 Burpee over Bag



Sprint Lap to the Finish

1/2/3 Finish are your podium winners!

Workouts have not been announced. Please check back again...