The Wasatch Championship Online Qualifier

Event description

An opportunity for community fun, Ease into the Open, and help your members train for their goals!

Hey Guys,
Coach Chaco here, Welcome to the 2019 The Wasatch Championships! In the 8 years running competitions, I've always wanted to create a competition series that celebrates the hell out of the athletes, and I have loved the bonds that the South West region has shown across The Open Leaderboard!  Since The Open, is only taking the top 20 in the World to Games this year, we want to have an ONLINE COMPETITION, that has room for every participant in it to make an impact on the community! And we want the South West region to be able to continue to showcase that for the world to see! And relying on all of you, to help us influence HQ to send a Sanctional our way! Heres How we plan to do this!

Qualifiers: Stage One

Online Qualifier: Phase 1


For Individuals Elite/Rx/Scaled/Novice/Masters


We will start with THE WASATCH CHAMPIONSHIPS ONLINE QUALIFIER! Priced at $25! This will be 6 tests of fitness over the course of 3 weeks, that will be filmed, and judged to identify the top competitors in their respective divisions.  But even if you aren't a competitor but want to contribute to the fun, or want to dip into the pool of local competition, we have prizes and give aways for you!


Online Qualifier: Phase Two

Starts March 18th for TWC LiftOff Series (olylifting)

and March 23rd for TEAM SERIES (Elite/RX/Scale) and Teenage Qualifiers (14-15;16-17) click link below for more info and early bird registration!



The Main Event: Stage Two

The main event will take place on MAY 31st and June 1st in North Salt Lake City, Utah.  This event will be a two day Fitness celebration, with Vendors, Giveaways, Parties, Athlete Dinners, And Community Celebrations!

The top qualifiers from "Stage One" for each division (Explained below) will be invited to the the Main event, to play for large cash prizes, as well as athlete sponsorships! Hotel and Rentals Coupons will be available for those who will have to travel!

Divisions Available:

Individual- male and female: Elite/Rx/Scale/Novice and Masters (35-39;40-44,45-49;50+)

Team Early Bird Sign Up- 3 women or 3 men RX/Scale (Actual online qualifier will be March 24th)

Workout Release Dates

Week One: WOD1 (pre-released, community chipper) WOD2 Pre-released to first 200 sign ups on Jan 17th. Everyone else will get the release on JAN 20Th @6:30pm (MST) and must Submit their scores by JAN 27th @6:00pm (MST)

Week Two: WOD 3 and WOD 4 will be released on JAN 27th @ 6:30 PM (MST). Athletes then must submit their scores by Feb 3rd, 2019 @6:00PM (MST)

Week Three: WOD 5 and WOD 6 will be released on FEB 3rd, 2019 @6:30 PM (MST).  Athletes then must submit their scores by FEB. 10th, 2019 @6:00 PM (MST)

How To Qualify: Breakdown

In order to qualify for the Main Event Phase, you must finish in the *Top20 of the Elite/RX/Scaled/Novice division and *Top10 of each AGE Division! The top prospects will have to provide VIDEOS of their Performance and will be asked for those videos before qualifier tickets are sent out! If you refuse the ticket for qualification or don't respond to the invitation by a certain date (TBD) then it will be offered to the competitor who is next in line!

*Number of qualifying individuals is subject to change, based on participation!

** If you are a master and want to compete in RX or Scaled it is allowed! they will be two seperate entry fees! If you plan on doing Teams and Individuals it is permissable!


*These are subject to change, They may be raised or added to, based on community participation and vendor sponsorships as we go! Listed below is the Minimum gauaranteed for Winners of their division with a minimum of 10 participants in their division!

  • Elite/Rx Division: Winner will recieve *$400 in Cash, Invitation to compete w/no entry fee to the Main Event, and Become a Sponsored athlete for future competitions.
  • Scaled/Novice: Winner will recieve *$250 in Cash, Invitation to compete w/no entry fee to the Main Event, and Become a Sponsored athlete for future competitions."     "
  • Masters In Each Division: Winners will recieve *$200 in Cash, Invitation to compete w/no entry fee to the Main Event, and Become a Sponsored athlete for future competitions.

Reminder, as more sponsors come in the higher the prizes will go!! And they already have come in, so stay tuned for updated prizes! 



First week of workouts will be open for submission *Jan 20th at 6:30 pm MST, and then Registration and Deadlines for submission will be January 28th 600 pm MST

The Gym that has the most reps collected from WOD 1 will be crowned and recieve A massive Rogue Gift Card !! up to $3000 to outfit your gym! *Must have a minimum of 10 participants to qualify for this! We created The COMMUNITY DIVISION for those members of your gym that want to contribute to the BEST BOX AWARD but don't want to worry about competition. They register like normal and their reps count toward your overall BOX reps for WOD one!! THIS WAY THE WHOLE GYM GETS INVOLVED!

If you have any other questions please direct them to our facebook page:

or to



Filming Your Workouts:

For each of the workouts, you can download the WETIME APP found in the App Store or Google Play! You want to make sure that you are able to capture your workout in the frame of your phone! and follow each intruction for filming each workout! 


We will be asking for film from our top 10 athletes in each division, you do not have to submit your film unless asked, but is suggested that you do at the submission of your scores!