Beauty and the Beast Showdown

Onsite Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

This competition is a CO-ED, 2 person comp. for the Novice and Intermediate divisions.  The RX division will be individual (male and female).


RX: Should be able to do everything including rope climbs; HSPU; Muscle ups; Pistols (hand stand walks may show up in the finals) MAX METCON WEIGHTS: Snatch 155/105; C & J; 205/145; Deadlifts 315/225.

INTERMEDIATE: Should be able to do pull-ups; Double unders; HSPU; dips; overhead squats. MAX METCON WEIGHTS: Snatch 115/80; C&J; 155/105; Deadlifts 225/155.  The intermediate division WILL NOT HAVE: Rope Climbs; muscle ups; chest to bar; pistols.

NOVICE DIVISION: WILL NOT HAVE: pull ups; hand stand push ups; overhead squats; dips; double unders.  If there are any workouts a team can not complete as written, we will scale that workout down to their skill level however, that team will not be able to score any higher than those who completed the workout as written so everyone can come out and play yet still be fair!  MAX METCON WEIGHTS: Snatch 95/65; C&J 115/80; Deadlifts 185/125.

Top 5 in each division will compete in a finals!

Tie break will go by teams highest finish in all workouts including the finals; then continue to go to next highest place...

There will be no refunds!

Teams will be allowed to change divisions until the Monday prior to the event (the same day registration closes).