Love Connection Part 2

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Year 2 of The Love Connection is here! Grab your partner and get ready for some WOD lovin’!!

Date: February 9th, 2019

Location: Connection – 845 Harrington Unit #5 Burlington

This is a mixed pairs (1 Male, 1 Female) competition with 3 divisions – Elite, Rx, and Scaled – see movement standards below. There will be 3 WODs plus a 4th floater WOD, and a final for the top 4 teams in each division. You and your partner need not have the exact same strengths, because sharing is caring.

EARLY BIRD PRICING + T-Shirt until JANUARY 1st 2019!!!!

Total early bird registration cost is $199.99+tax/team.

Registration cost after Jan 1 2019 is $229.99+tax/team.

The movement standard list below is not an exhaustive list of all movements that will be seen in competition.


Clean/Front Squat/S2O - 185/135

Snatch/Thruster/OHS - 135/95

Muscle Ups

Strict HSPU

HS Walk

Legless Rope Climb

Double Unders



Clean/Front Squat/S2O - 135/95

Snatch/Thruster/OHS – 95/65

C2B pullups


HS walk 5ft

Rope Climbs

Double Unders



Clean/Front Squat/S2O - 95/65

Snatch/Thruster/OHS – 75/55


Hand Release Push-ups

Single Skips


Refund Policy – Once you register your team and complete payment we do not offer refunds.

If you or your partner becomes unavailable prior to the competition, you may find a substitute up until 48 hours prior to competition.

Bring snacks, drinks. We have water stations, change rooms, and washrooms, and will try to have a food truck onsite (see FB page for details)!

Parking will be either on-site or next door (less than 400m walk).

Please no pets.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

8:00 AMRAP

4/side s arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks
Elite 75/50
Rx 50/35
Scaled 35/25

8 deadlifts
Elite 275/185
Rx 225/155
Scaled 155/105

8 synchro...
Elite Chest to Bar + Toes to Bar (8+8, alternating)
Rx Toes to Bar
Scaled Hanging knees to chest

For the first 4:00 partner 1 will do reps of the first two movements while partner 2 does a hold, and they will complete move 3 together:

DB Hang Clean and Jerk - In order for partner 1 to complete the db hang clean and jerk reps partner 2 must be in a handstand hold. Partner 1 cannot pick up the db until partner 2 is in a HS hold with arms, hips and legs locked out.
- scaled division will hold a handstand with feet on a box (hips above feet level)

Deadlift - In order for partner 1 to complete the deadlift reps partner 2 must deadlift their bar and hold in a locked out position.

At 4:00 on the clock partners will switch so that partner 2 completes reps of movement 1 and 2 while partner 1 does the holds, and both partners will complete movement 3 together.

Synchro reps are completed together.
Your score is your total number of reps.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

CrossFit Mini Combine - Floater WOD

This is a 3:00 WOD with 3 moves x 1:00 each, and both partners working at the same time. The Wod will work like this:

Partner 1
1:00 to complete :30 max cal on assault runner
1:00 to complete max reps Bench Press
1:00 to complete max hsw/wall walks alternating attempts with partner

Partner 2
1:00 to complete max reps Bench Press
1:00 to complete :30 max cal on assault runner
1:00 to complete max hsw/wall walks alternating attempts with partner

All athletes will use the same assault runner.

The bench press reps do not need to be unbroken, you can rerack the bar and do multiple sets within the minute. Weights for divisions are as follows:
Elite - 185/125
Rx - 135/85
Scaled - 95/55

The handstand walk/wall walk scoring is as follows:
Elite - hsw 5ft = 1 rep
Rx - hsw 2.5ft = 1 rep
Scaled - wall walk = 3 reps

You must alternate attempts with your partner for hsw. Even if as a pair you decide partner 1 will do all the handstand walking, partner 2 must attempt a handstand walk. An attempt will be granted if the athlete lunges forward onto their hands and gets both feet above a 45 degree angle.

You must alternate attempts with your partner for wall walks. Even if as a pair you decide that partner 1 will do all the wall walk reps, partner 2 must attempt a wall walk. An attempt will be granted if the athlete begins the wall walk and crosses the taped line with both hands that will be 12" from the wall. Wall walks reps are complete when the athlete is in lockout with their arms and they touch their nose to the wall.

Your score for this workouts is the total combined reps for all 3 moves between both partners.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better | Tiebreaker: time completed heaviest lift

4:00/partner to establish a 3 Rep Max Shoulder to Overhead 

Each partner will have 4:00 to establish a maximum load bringing the bar from the ground to the shoulders, and then getting the bar from the shoulders to the locked out overhead position 3 consecutive times. 

Only the heaviest weight will be scored.

Each S2O rep must be locked out and in control before the next rep can be initiated. S2O reps may be touch and go. Once the bar comes to the shoulders it may not return to the ground until the 3 reps are completed, or else it will be condisered a failed attempt. 

The Bar must come from the ground. It may be brought to the shoulders in any manner (Muscle clean, power clean, squat clean. 

Minimum weight increase will be 5lbs. Attempts may increase in weight or stay the same, but may not decrease. 

The non-working partner may help load the bar for the working partner. 

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 11

WOD 3 - Sharing is Caring 

This workout is a barbell chipper mixed with skipping for time. 

50 front squats 

80 double unders (120 single skips)

40 power cleans 

80 double unders 

30 overhead squats 

80 double unders 

20 power snatches 

Elite - 165/110, Rx - 135/95, Scaled - 95/65

The Barbell reps must be split in specific ways! 

50 front squats into 5 sets, 40 power cleans into 4 sets, 30 overhead squats into 3 sets, 20 power snatches into 2 sets. No more, no less. The number of reps completed in each set does not matter, only that the number of sets are reached and that the total reps are accounted for. For example, the 50 front squats could be split as follows: partner 1 does 15, partner 2 does 5, partner 1 does 15, partner 2 does 5, partner 1 does the last 10. 

The skipping work can be split anyway, no set number of sets required. 

At 0:00 and at 5:00 on the clock, all teams will complete 15 synchro burpees. Synchro with chest on the ground at the bottom, and jumping off the ground hands overhead at the top. 



Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Time to complete buy-in

This workout is a 6:00 AMRAP, but contains a task priority buy-in workout before reps can be counted. 

Partner 1

30/22 Assault Bike Calories (Scaled 20/15)

25 Thrusters (Elite 95/65, Rx 75/55, Scaled 45/35)

Partner 2 

Accumulate Max Reps of:

Elite: Ring Muslce-Ups, Rx - 3 HSPU+3 C2B, Scaled - 3 Hand-release pushups+3 pullups 

Once partner 1 is finished, partners will switch and partner 2 will go complete the task priority work. 

Once partner 2 is finished, both athletes will make their way to their wall ball to complete max repetitions of wall balls in the remaining time. 

Your gymnastics repetitions only count towards your total score if you both partners complete the buy-in.