'The Predator Series' Mixed Pairs Throwdown Winter 2019 at CrossFit Cheltenham

Event description

Mixed sex pairs competition for all abilities!


Venue - Cheltenham

- 3 WODs for all teams. The team with the least points over 3 WODs wins

- From elite athletes to those with just a few months experience, we try to ensure all will get a fantastic days competition. We often give a scaled alternative to some of the harder Rx’d movements


- Enjoy a great competition at a friendly box run by an events team with six years experience of running successful team events

- £55 per team

Other info...
The WODs will be released the week before the Throwdown.
This event is child friendly, so bring your friends and family along!
Spectators can come and cheer you on for free!
There will be plenty of space to park in the industrial estate where the box is located.