The Strength Games

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description


A minimum of 50% of the total entry fees will be donated to charity.

Our chosen charity will be announced prior to the competition beginning. We will be choosing a charity focusing on mental health awareness & support. If you have any suggestions, or stories of how any such charities have provided you with support, please send us a message.



The competition will officially be online from midnight, 1st April 2019 (AEST) and will run until midnight 31st April 2019. There’s will be two floater WoD’s which need to be completed before the closing date.



All entries must be completed prior to the closing time specified on each workout post. Any late entries will not be considered and will not be scored. The top 10 athletes from each event will be requested to post a full video submission to YouTube, with a link sent to our Facebook page for judging. The overall top 10 athletes in each category after the WoD 4 deadline will be required to submit full video verification of each workout. Any refusal to cooperate and/or no video will result in disqualification from the finals event & competition.

Competition registration must be completed, along with score entry prior to WoD 1 deadline – Saturday 5th January Midnight (AEST). Registration costs $50AUD.

If you miss a deadline or are disqualified, your money will not be refunded.


Surprise & Delight

As well as the winner’s pot, which will be split amongst 12 athletes (the overall top 3 in each category). We will be choosing athletes to send surprises to, who post their stories of mental health battles & victories on social media and tag us in the post. One of the best ways to help combat mental health issues, is to talk about it and not be ashamed of what we’ve been through.



Since we'll be donating most of the money to charity, we will not be offering refunds once registration has been complete. Athletes may not transfer their registration between themselves. If you have any queries, please contact us at