SCV Winter WODfest

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Winter is coming!


For the first time ever, Building Block is hosting The Winter WODfest to bring more competition to Santa Clarita. 


Don't let the winter season hold your fitness back! Whether you're elite, or it's your first competition, grab the same-sex partner and test your fitness. Spots will be limited and pricing goes up as the competition gets closer.


There will be a total of three workouts, two scheduled workouts and one floater (which team will sign up for time slot upon check in the day of). Go to SCV winter WODfest Facebook page for all scaling options and questions, or Building Block Instagram page.


There will be four divisions:

  • Rx
  • Intermediate
  • Fun
  • Masters (40+)

Workout 1: AMRAP 10

Partner A: Row for calories 

Partner B: 10 DB thruster 50/35, 10 t2b, 10 box jump overs

Partners Switch when each round is completed 


Workout 2: For time

150 DU each 

20 synchronized bar facing burpees

30/20 Ring MU (split however, one working at a time) 

20 synchronized bar facing burpees 

30 deads 315/225 (split however, one working at a time)

20 synchronized bar facing burpees 

150 DU each

(13 min time cap)


Floater workout:  

Min 0-2: max wall balls 20/14,  partner dead hang

Min 2-8: both establish 3 rep max hang clean 

Min 8-10: Wall Balls / dead hang

*each partner must do both wall balls and deads at least once

* squat clean is allowed 

* event starts with empty bar 


Matching winter/holiday outfits are encouraged!!!  Spectators and athletes who bring an unwrapped gift to donate to "Toys For Tots" will be entered into a raffle. 


Parking on the surrounding streets and parking structure off Main St & 9th St is encouraged. Do not park in front of Maria's Deli/Results Fitness (lot west of Building Block), you will get towed. 


Follow Instagram @buildingblock for event announcements and full workout details or scaling options.

Questions and updates also posted on Facebook event page:


No refunds will be issued.