Beauty and the Beast Valentines Competition

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

"Beauty and the Beast Valentine's Competition"

Saturday, February 9, 2019 (8am - 4pm)

This is a Male/Female two person team competition, so grab your honey, valentine or favorite training partner and come compete!

This is a one day event with four divisions and three challenging workouts. Includes a free shirt, gift bag give-ways from our vendors and prizes/trophies for podium finishers.

Scaled, Intermediate, Rx and Masters (40+)

WOD#1: Snatch & Calories

6min clock: Max combined pounds and calories

0-3 minutes:
Partner 1: 1 rep max snatch (power snatch ok)
Partner 2: Max row calories

3-6 minutes:
Partner 1: Max row calories
Partner 2: 1 rep max snatch (power snatch ok)

WOD#2: Timing is everything

AMRAP in 12 minutes

10 Alternating Box over burpees
Jump rope (shared reps, one works at a time)
10 Synchronized Thrusters (locked out at top same time)
Jump rope (shared reps, one works at a time)

Rx = (m30"/f24", m115#/f75#, 50 Double-unders)
Int/Masters = (m24"/f20", m95#/f65#, 50 Double-unders)
Scaled = (m20"/f20", m65#/f45# (step-up ok), 100 Single-unders)

WOD#3: Don’t let go! (more detail to follow)

For time (15 minute cap) Shared reps

Dumbbell hang squat cleans
Toes to bar*
Weighted 400m run
Pull-ups **

Rx = (m55#/f35#, **CTB Pull-ups)
Int/Masters = (m35#/f25#, **Pull-ups)
Scaled = (m25#/f20#, *Knee Raises, **Jumping Pull-ups)


$100 per team through November 30, 2018
$120 per team through December 31, 2018
$140 per team through January 31, 2019


Sorry, no refunds. Substitues acceptable until 1/30/19

All athletes are required to complete a signed waiver.

Free for spectators

Designated area for affiliate canopies

Additional information will be emailed to all competitors.