Yalla Bannat Fitness Competition

Online Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

The #YallaBannat Fitness Competition is an annual event founded in 2017 by the first ever Affiliate in KSA. This competition is open for female Individuals and Teams over the age of 18 in both RX and Scaled divisions.


Athlete Guide:

Eligibility – in order to participate you must be:

  • Female
  • 18 years and over
  • Be in good health, and have no injury/ limitation that would prevent you from executing the desired workouts as written.
  •  Be available and able to attend /travel to Riyadh for the final competition 30th of Nov. & 1st of Dec.

How To:

  • Complete the applicable Scorecard and submit before the deadline. 
  • You must only partake in individual or team, no athlete can register as an individual and team.
  • The team captain should complete the scorecard on behalf of the team.
  • A nominated team captain will act as the point of contact for all communication and score submissions.
  • All two team members must stay the same throughout the workouts. If there is a change in athletes then they must be carried out again
  • All Athletes prior to registering must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Waiver. This must accompany your scorecard upon submission, without it the results will not be logged.

Selecting scales:

  • For both team and individuals, you must select one scale only.
  • All 3 qualifying workouts must be completed on the same scale.
  • Mix qualifier scales will not be considered.

Qualifying Workouts:

  • Upon completion of the qualifying workouts, your scores should be submitted online through Competition Corner.
  • Scores received after the deadlines, incomplete scorecards and mix scale scorecards will not be accepted.

Video Submission Guidelines:

  • All workouts must be under the observation of an L1 certified Coach.
  • All team members and a timer must be in the video frame the whole time.
  • The camera must be placed in an angle that shows the full range of motion of the athletes.
  • Videos must be uploaded on a platform such as Youtube.
  • Before starting each workout, the team must do the following:
    - State the (team members) names and judge name.
    - All equipment used must be clearly displayed and measured (Weights, Box, Wall-Ball Height, ETC.)

Notes for the Workouts:

  • If kilogram plates are used, the athlete will need to use appropriate combinations of plates to achieve the correct poundage. Collars or clips are not to be counted in the total weight. For the purpose of the qualification, 15-kg barbells will be considered to weigh 35-lb, and 20-kg barbells will be considered to weigh 45-lb.
  • Judges - Must hold a level 1 Certificate (all judges will be confirmed via the trainer finder)
  • For Appeals, please email YallaBanat@Kore.com.sa with accompanying videos where possible.