Event description

Welcome to the 2018 MOVEment Games. As part of this year's expo, we are excited to offer a fitness competition for people of every level of fitness. This is a charity competition benefitting The Movember Foundation supporting Men's Health, Cancer Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

This competition will take place in beautiful Downtown Boca Raton in Mizner Park on Thanksgiving Weekend! 

This competition will consist of:

  • Teams of 2, Same Sex (M/M or F/F)
  • 3 Divisions for Fun, Fitness or Performance:
    • Recreational (Fun) - $100
    • Intermediate (Fitness) - $150
    • Advanced (Performance) - $150
  • T-Shirts for all Athletes
  • Cash Prizes for Advanced Division

*NEW* Specialty Division Championships - If there are at least 3 teams in each of the following sub-divisions at the conclusion of registration the top team in each subdivision will be awarded their respective Championship!

  • First Responders (Any combination of Police, Fire & EMS)
  • Teens (Combined team age under 34)
  • Masters (Combined team age greater than 80)

This competition is suitable for athletes of all abilities. Whether you have been training for a few months or you are an experienced competitive athlete, this will be a true test of fitness and grunt work.

See below for Division Breakdowns:

Recreational (Fun):
Level Description: For the fitness enthusiast of any age who is interested in being involved in a friendly competition and immerse in a wellness atmosphere. A chance to meet like minded people and network socially. 
Workout intensity will be moderate, expect to handle bodyweight based exercises (Single Unders, Step-ups, air squats, etc), and use of cardio equipment at shorter time intervals. 

An event you might expect experience: 
6min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
15 Air Squats
5 Hand-release Push Ups
Walking lunges 25 yards with overhead hold
Intermediate (Fitness):
Level Description: For that fitness rockstar who embraces physical challenge and thrives for competition, but understands their limits. Not to worry, you WILL sweat, grind, put your hands on your knees, and say “Damn, that was tough.” 
Workout intensity will be moderate to very hard, expect to handle barbells and more complex movements (Single Jump Rope, Box jumps, Kettlebell Swings etc). You should be comfortable with weighted movements.

Working weights are listed below:
Overhead Squat: 75# Male / 55# Female
Power Clean: 115# Male / 75# Female
Deadlift: 155# Male / 105# Female
Dumbbell Snatch: 35# Male / 25# Female
Kettlebell Swing: 53# Male / 35# Female

An event you might experience:
Air Dyne Bike + Double Unders: 
One partner performs the Air Dyne Bike for 3 min max calories while other partner performs pushups for same time. They then switch at 3 min mark and perform the other movement. 
Two scoring/ranking factors here:
1.     Amount of total Push ups
2.     Total calories achieved on Air Dyne Bike
Elite (Advanced):
Level Description: For that human specimen who embraces the suck, thinks lactic acid buildup is supercool, and has complete disregard for the outside world other than the task in front of them. The mere mortal need not attempt this.
Workout description: Workout intensity will be hard to extremely hard. Every event may cause curse words. Expect to handle heavy atlast stones, barbells and sleds, they are in your future. You should be comfortable with weighted movements.

Working weights are listed below:
Overhead Squat: 115# Male / 65# Female
Power Clean: 155# Male / 105# Female
Deadlift: 245# Male / 165# Female
Dumbbell Snatch: 55# Male / 35# Female
Kettlebell Swing: 70# Male / 53# Female

An event you might experience:
Strongman Sandbag WOD:
50lbs ground to shoulder pick up. Count Reps over 2 min time period. 1 minute/partner
Next 4 min AMRAP: 30 Jump Rope Double Unders (DUBs), 50yard lap (25/25) Sandbag carry
Two ranking score factors:
1.     Reps of sandbag pick up
2.     Rounds of DUBs + Carry


Additional Info:

We do not charge for spectators so please feel free to bring as many friends and family as you like. You may want to bring chairs to relax in between WODs. Tents are NOT allowed, unfortunately, due to fire code. 

Parking is available on site and is free of charge in designated garages. Parking in the street spots are NOT free of charge and you will get a ticket if the meter is not "fed".

Photos will be available our Facebook page within a couple of days of the event.

Change of athlete/details
Injuries can happen or a team member may not be able to compete on the day and we totally get that, but please be aware that we cannot offer a refund but You can substitute an athlete up until registration closes.