East Fitness Championship 2018 - TEAMS

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The East Fitness Championship is a UNLIMITED competition , allowing athletes from the Greater East region to compete and compete in a TEAM of 2

*** Dates:  Saturday AND Sunday, October 28, 2018
Final on 2 days for EVERYONE 

*** Location: CrossFit Grillen in Colmar 

*** Registration
Your registration includes your right to the end, and your athlete's endowment (sign, and partner endowments)

*** Rules: 

The Grand-Est region is made up of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne.
The participating boxes are: 

CrossFit Reveal 
CrossFit Of Coronations
Remes CrossFit 
CrossFit 571
CrossFit Hiringa 3
CrossFit Hiringa 
CrossFit Metz 
CrossFit Four Winds
CrossFit Avena 
CrossFit Laxou
CrossFit Nancy
CrossFit Hiringa 2
CrossFit Dark Woods
CrossFit Lucian
CrossFit Of Coronations 3 
CrossFit Epinal 
CrossFit Strasbourg
CrossFit 67
Nero CrossFit 
Immanis CrossFit
CrossFit Emotions 
CrossFit Grillen
CrossFit 68
CrossFit Mulhouse Factory
CrossFit Leopard
CrossFit Habsheim
CrossFit Heiden
CrossFit Illzach
CrossFit Hésingue
And all the athletes from the Grand-Est region, even unaffiliated. 

Checks will be made: only athletes from the East can participate.


*** Categories: 

Team 1 Man + 1 Man RX or Scaled 

Team 1 Male + 1 Female RX or Scaled 

There is no age category. 

*** Limits:

Registrations are limited:

30 Men Team + Men RX
20 Men Team + Men SCALED
30 Team Mix RX