Tunisian Throwdown 2018

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Tunisian Throwdown 2018, powered by Aecor Nutrition, Eleiko & Cellucor is a competition grown by the desire to bring together the best athletes from all over the world.

The competition will be held on the 20th & 21th of October 2018 at @Aecor CrossFit Venue (58, rue de l'industrie, Charguia 1, Tunis).

This year's second edition is brought to you with the organizers’ most commitment and passion to offer to athletes and all CrossFit fans a challenging competition full of excitement and fun.

This time, not only athletes will be granted rewards but also visitors from Tunisia and worldwide through games and lucky draws on site provided by our contracted partners and sponsors.

Vendor spots will be available during this edition and other additional areas (Recovery area, vending area, games and giveaways area) will be added to the venue.

The organizing team is working so hard to guarantee a fabulous and unforgettable competition for all functional fitness community worldwide.

This is a competition where strength, strategy, and tenacity are the most important skills in order to become a winner.

Tunisian Throwdown 2018 is taking competitions and sport to another level, by organizing the most challenging sport event ever in Tunisia.

This year, our team is setting up a goal to book this event a spot among international fitness competition.

Once again, spots will be limited and athletes can compete in the following divisions:

• Individual male Rx'd 18-34 >> 50 athletes
• Individual female Rx'd 18-34 >> 30 athletes
• Master male Rx’d 35+ >> 20 athletes
• Master female Rx’d 35+ >> 20 athletes
• Scaled male 18+ >> 20 athletes
• Scaled female 18+ >> 20 athletes

Note: Every division has to reach at least half of the registration quota to be activated. Otherwise, the said division will be cancelled. Once cancelled the registred athletes will have the possibility to either refund their registration or to merge (if possible) to another division.

Registration fees will cost Rx division’s participants (Male, Female & Masters) 100 dinars / 35 dollars each.

Registration fees will cost scaled division’s participants (Male & Female) 30 dinars / 10 dollars each.

Registration & leaderboard will be provided by:


Athletes registration will start on 10/09/2018 and will end on 21/09/2018.

Registration is done on site at Aecor CrossFit or here online on competition corner.

Visitors registration will start on 22/09/2018 and it is totally free.

Registration is done on site at Aecor CrossFit or online at:

link to announced soon.

Rewards this year will be as follows:

Winner Rx division (Male, Female & Masters):

• First place: 3000 dinars.
• Second place: 1500 dinars.
• Third place: 750 dinars.

Winner Scaled division (Male & Female):

• The three first spots will win our Partners’ Bundles & Rewards.

"Tunisian Throwdown 2018" will be feature 5 events in total:

Day 1: 2 events: The Qualifiers

Will be announced on saturday 13/10/2018 at 01.00 pm

Day 2: 3 events: The Finals

Will be announced on saturday 20/10/2018 at 01.00 pm

The best scoring half of the athletes from each division of day 1 will qualify to day 2.

E.G.: From 50 athletes, only 25 individual male Rx'd athletes will qualify to day 2.

As for day 2, each event will reduce the division’s athletes by 5 to a maximum of 5 athletes per division on event 3.

Except for individual male Rx'd, each event will reduce the division’s athletes by 5 to a maximum of 15 athletes per division on event 3.

The set of standards that we require for this year are:

You need to perform the following movements:

Individual male Rx division:
• Can perform all CrossFit movements

Individual female Rx division:
• Max snatch 105lbs
• Max clean and jerk 145lbs
• Bar muscle up
• Handstand push up

Master male Rx division:
• Max snatch 135lbs
• Max clean and jerk 185lbs
• Chest to bar pull up
• Handstand push up

Scaled male division:
• Max snatch 95lbs
• Max clean and jerk 135lbs
• Pull up
• Toes to bar

Scaled female division:
• Max Snatch 65lbs
• Max clean and jerk 85lbs
• Jumping pull up
• Push up on the knees
• Hanging Knee raises

The agenda will be posted soon.

The competition fees will not be refunded after 01/10/2018

Substitution will be possible before the 10/10/2018