Battle of the Classes at CrossFit Kingstowne

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Welcome to our first annual Kingstowne Battle of the Classes Throwdown (AM Vs. PM).  The event will take place on Saturday, 13 October.  This is a team event and teams can be comprised of either two males, two females, or co-ed.   There will be a scaled and an Rx division and teams will be assigned to either the morning division or evening division.  Teams must be comprised of individuals from the same time segment (i.e. two from the morning or two from the evening).  If a member attends both evening and morning classes, they must choose the time slot they more regularly attend.  For example if you attend 2 morning sessions and 3 evening sessions each week then you will be assigned to the evening team.  

The throwdown will be a bracket style format where we will have a series of qualifier rounds and workouts for quarterfinals, semifinals and finals until we get the top teams from each division and each time slot to go head to head.  There will be three podium spots for each division of scaled and Rx.  The time slot with the most podium team finishes will determine who the overall winner will be...morning or evening.  We will have some fun prizes for our podium finishers.  

The time slot that wins will have bragging rights for a year with a banner hanging in the gym!  

Below are baseline standards for the event to help you decide which division would suit your team best.  


Clean:  155/105

Snatch:  135/85

Jerk:  135/95 

Double Unders 

Pull Ups 


GHD Sit Ups 


Rope Climbs 



Clean:  115/75

Snatch:  95/65

Jerk:  115/75

Single Unders 

Hanging Knee Raises 

Box Jumps 


Finally, we have designed an Event Baseball Tee.  If you wish to purchase an event shirt then you will pay the registration fee to cover the costs of the shirt.  If you do not wish to buy a shirt then your registration fee will be free.   If both you and your partner do not want t-shirts then you must enter the code NOSHIRTS2 at checkout to reduce the registration fee.  If only one of your team members wants the shirt then enter the code NOSHIRT1 at registration.  If you both want a shirt then do not enter any code and you will be prompted to pay the registration fee at checkout.  

Whether you want a shirt or not the system will still ask you for a size (unfortunate glitch of the registration system).  Please just select a size and in the question field answer that you do not want a shirt.  Then enter the relevant coupon codes upon checkout and you will not receive a shirt.  

We hope to see everyone out for our internal throwdown.  This event is meant to be fun and for our community!  So grab a buddy and come out for a day of fun with your CFK family.  We would love to see maximum participation!  If you cannot find a partner, but want to participate, send me a note and I will help you find a partner.  


Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better


Athletes start at the respective start line, and move to the first bar and complete a CLEAN.  Each team member must complete one Clean every 30 seconds with progressively heavier barbells.  Athletes will have 15 seconds to transition to their next barbell.  Athletes will continue to progress up the ladder until they are unable to complete a rep within the 30 second window.  

Scaled Clean Ladder: 

95/65; 115/75; 125/85; 135/95; 155/105; 165/115; 175/125; 185/135; 195/145; 205/155; 225/165; 

Rx Clean Ladder: 

135/95; 155/105; 175/115; 185/125; 195/135; 205/145; 225/155; 235/165; 245/175; 255/185; 265/195; 275/205

If an athlete reaches the end of the ladder they will be provided additional weight to continue for 30 second increments until failure.  

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


Teams will have 2 Minutes at each station to complete max reps of each movement.   

Station 1:  Toes to Bar (S:  Hanging Knee Raises) 

Station 2:  Max DB Box Step Ups (Rx: 50/35; S: 35/20)

Station 3:  Max D-Ball Ground to Shoulder (Rx: 100/70; S: 70/50) 

Station 4:  Max Synchronized Bar Hop Burpees  

Station 5:  Max Front Squats (Rx:  135/95; S: 95/65)

Score is total number of reps combined.  One athlete working at at time.  There is no transition time to next station.  At call of 2 minutes, teams rotate.  

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


AMRAP: 7 Minutes

Buy In:  200 Double Unders (Scaled:  300 Singles)

Max Rep Jerks (Rx:  175/115; S: 115/75)

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 20