Coach Sam & Coach Toph AO3 National Coaching Prep Clinic

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Coach Sam & Coach Toph National Meet Prep & Know Hows for New Coaches & New Athletes

Specific to:  American Open Series 3 - Las Vegas, NV

Outline of the Clinic:

Important Dates as listed by USAW:

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Verification of Final Entries - 10.00am to 10.30am MOUNTAIN TIME (ONLINE EVENT)
Wednesday September 12, 2018

Training On-Site, Athlete Check In & Check Scale - OPEN AT 2pm
New Athlete & Coach Briefing - 2.00pm
Referee Briefing - 3.00pm
USADA All-Athlete Briefing - 3.00pm
Technical Conference - 7pm
Thursday September 13, 2018 to Sunday September 16, 2018

Weigh-Ins (Making weight, Lot numbers, what to expect)
Coaching Cards or Wrist Bands
Securing a Platform in the Warm-Up area
Counting Cards (etiquette, change, tricks, suggestions,dos and don'ts)
Mock Meet (if time permits)