Throwdown at Sundown 2

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Throwdown at Sundown is a Three person same gender team lifting competition. This competition is designed to bring people together to test their level of strength while bringing fun to the community.

Bring some friends and family and lets THROWDOWN!

  • October 20th at 4 PM-10 PM
    12053 Katy Road, Fort Worth, TX 76244

How Much is it to enter?
- $210 per team


There will be 4 lifting events Unless otherwise stated the barbell can be lifted from the Squat Rack:

  • Event 1: Team Combined Total one rep max front squat in 12 minutes
  • Event 2: Team Combined Total one rep max anyway shoulder to overhead in 12 minutes
  • Event 3: Team Combined Total one rep max deadlift(from the floor) in 12 minutes
  • Final Event: To be announced:  However it will be a single movement Non-Olympic Lift type of WOD with a Barbell.  This will be an weight x load event.

Event Scoring Example:  Athlete 1 lifts 100 lbs. Athlete 2 lifts 100 lbs.  Athlete 3 lifts 100 lbs.  Teams Combeined Total one rep max is 300 lbs.  Each team will have as many attempts as possible in 12 minutes to find their combined one rep max total.

There will be 4 divisions- Teams of 3

  • RX Men
  • RX Women
  • Scaled Men
  • Scaled Women

Entrance fee gets you an event T-shirt and the ability to compete in 4 Events for the day.  You must register by September 30th to get a shirt.

Cash Purse for RX division.

Which division should I sign-up for?

RX-  Is a cash prize division.  This is designed for those who are confident in their ability to move heavy weight for the first 3 events.  Event 4 is a single barbell movement that is not an Oly Lift.

Scaled- is geared toward those new to lifting competitions or competing in general.  The main difference between scaled and RX is that there is a cash purse for those who place in the RX division.