Femme Royale Co-Ed Fitness Fundraiser for Channon

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Femme Royale is normally an ALL women's competition. But in this case we will be opening up our competition to both men and women to come out and rally. This competition will be hosted to fundraise money for Channon Lamb, who regularly competes at our Women's Competitions. She is a member of Awaken and when Chris Brown called and informed me of her horrific accident it hit home. She is very lucky to be alive. Channon is a very inspirational athlete, always positive and holds nothing back. Her accident left her with many serious injuries including a broken neck, head laceration, puncture wounds in her arm and bruised lungs. She is now in a halo to stabilize her neck fracture. She is recovering, but her journey will be a long and difficult one. This hit home, for me personally because my father was in a horrible car accident with many of the same injuries.  It forever changed his life and he too is lucky to be alive. I truly believe in giving back and want to help in any way possible. All the funds raised will be donated to Channon to help elevate the medial bills, and months if not years of rehab she will have to endure. 

So come out and support CHANNON !!!!!! 

No refunds.