General Fitness Competition

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Functional Fitness Competition

Teams of four (2/male, 2/female)

Three Categories

(1) For the Performance ($65/person)

(2) For the Fitness ($60/person)

(3) For the Fun ($35/person)




- 6x Events, with one event being the Trench Challenge

Category Minimum Standards:  These are examples of weights that can be used in workouts performing multiple reps.  These are NOT one rep max’s.  Weights may increase to push athletes abilities or decrease to let athletes push at faster rates.

Category Notes

For The Performance Athletes are proficient with all movement standards. You are probably near the top of your leaderboard in the gym on a daily basis and can perform the movements listed multiple times with ease.  

If the weights/movements are close to your max, it is suggested to do the “For The Fitness” division.  

  • Clean:  155/105
  • Snatch:  135/80
  • Deadlift:  225/155lb
  • Thursters:  115/85
  • C2B & Bar Muscle Ups
  • Handstand pushups 
  • Hand stand walks at 5’ increments 
  • Toes 2 Bar
  • Double Under Jump Rope
  • Rope Climbs

Trench Challenge

- Will be entered in the INDIVIDUAL ELITE DIVISION as individual competitiors.  Scores will be based on combined individual times. See Elite Division Rules for more details.



- 5x Events, with one event being the Trench Challenge

For The Fitness Athletes have a basic understanding of all olympic lifting movements as well as most general gymnastics movements.  You can probably do most movements in class, you just need some scaling on the heavier weights and more technical movements.  

The weights are lighter in this division, and there is a scaled penalty to be applied if pull-ups are not available to you.  

  • Clean:  115/85
  • Snatch:  85/55
  • Deadlift: 155/115
  • Thruster:  95/65
  • Pull up or Jumping Pull up with penalty
  • Wall Facing Hand Stand Hold
  • Knee Ups and/or straight leg toes past waist 
  • Single Under Jump Rope

Trench Challenge

- Will be entered in the Team Challenge division (team of 4).  See Team Rules for more details.



- 4x Events for this category

This category will NOT be judged. The goal is to FIRST HAVE FUN and to give everyone a starting point and a chance to participate without the pressure of having strict movement standards and being under the watchful eye of judges.

For The Fun Athletes are fairly new to the world of functional fitness but have an understanding of the basic barbell movements of Squatting, Pressing, Deadlifts along with Kettlebell Swings, Rowers and Jumping.

Weights will be lighter than the FITNESS division to give the athlete a chance to focus on moving and having fun.

Trench Challenge

- This category will not be entered in the Trench Challenge OCR. 



- August 31:  Bonus case of FITAID for early registration

- September 6th, Thursday:  Prices go up $10.00 per person

- September 13th, Thursday:  Prices go up another $10.00 per person

- September 20th, Thursday:  Prices go up $20.00 per person

- Alternates will be accepted in the event there is an injury during competition.

- LOST CHIP FEE:  $40.00 paid to Trench Challenge