Vekter Games 6

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Vekter Games 6 is a two person team competition held at ReVamped on Saturday, December 1st 2018. Each team will be comprised of 1 male and 1 female. Teams can choose to compete in the Rxd, Scaled, or Masters 40+ division.

The top three teams in each division will receive prizes from our event sponsors. The top three teams in the Rxd Division will also be competing for a cash prize.

  • $1,000 First Place
  • $500 Second Place
  • $250 Third Place

Each athlete, judge and volunteer will receive a Mixer ticket which includes free pizza and soft drinks at Grotto Pizza in Columbia, MD following the event from 4-6pm.

A portion of every athlete ticket will be donated back to the Howard County Food Bank in Columbia, MD. Additional donations can be made on site at the event.

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Teams can choose to substitute athletes up until the competition begins on December 1st.

Teams should plan on staging themselves outside. Teams can bring tents and setup in the parking lot behind the venue.

No Refunds.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 30

SURPRISE! The first workout is a 6K!


Athletes will begin running to the checkpoint together. The male athlete will continue running to the halfway point and back to their female partner. The female partner will then run to the finish. Workout kicks off at 8:45am.

Everyone starts out front 10 seconds seperating each division.

Teams must run together with the dowel. The female will start with the dowel.

At the checkpoint (aprox. 0.8mi. from gym) the female athlete will pass the dowel to the male athlete. The female athlete will bare off the path and wait for her partner to return. This will be a coned off area with a judge present.

The male atlhete will keep running to the "Turn Around Point" (aprox. 1.2 miles away). When the male returns to the female, he will pass her the dowel and she will run back to the gym and finish the race. (Aprox 0.8 away)

The male atlhete will walk back to the gym after the female has left the checkpoint.

Have FUN!!!


Next, we are going to line you up by division. Please put yourself in order by your TEAM NUMBER. You will receive a dowel and two bibs. Pin the bib on the front of each athlete on your outter most layer. It needs to be visible during the run.



Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 12

For time:

2 Rounds of “DT” (155/105)Rx(115/75)Sc&M

25 T2B (Rx) 15 T2B (Sc&M)

2 Rounds of “DT”

25/15 T2B 

2 Rounds of “DT”

25/15 T2B 

2 Rounds of “DT”

25/15 T2B 

2 Rounds of “DT” (12 min time cap)


Athletes will start the workout by completing two rounds of “DT” (12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans & 6 Shoulder to Overhead). They may split up the two rounds however they choose. Example: Athlete one can do 11 deadlifts and then partner two can do the 12th Deadlift and 9 Hang Cleans.....

Once completed, athletes will move to the T2B and perform 25/15 T2B, splitting however they choose. After each round, athletes must flip the round card over to show which round of DT they are on. The time will stop when the 5th round card has been flipped over. 


Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Get as far as possible in 8 minutes:


Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Synchro Thrusters (95/65)Rx&M(75/55)S

Synchro D-Ball Over Shoulder (100/70)Rx&M(70/50)S

Athletes will start on the synchronized Burpee Box jump overs, synchronizing at the bottom of each Burpee only. Then they will move to the Synchro Thrusters where synchronization will be at the top of the movement with barbells locked out overhead. They will then move to the D-ball Over the Shoulder where they must lift the D-Ball off the ground at the same time. The D-Ball does not have to go over the shoulder at the same time nor hit the ground at the same time. Only lifting the ball simultaneously is required. Once a round is complete, teams will flip the round marker and begin the next round. Continue in this order until the 8 minute time cap. Score is total reps.


Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 6

For time:



Partner 1: 

45 Pull-ups (Rx) 

11 OVHS (155/105)


Partner 2: 

30 C2B (Rx) 

7 OVHS (185/125)


6 min time cap ———————————————————————————



For time:


Partner 1:

32 Pull-ups 

11 OVHS (115/80)


Partner 2:

18 C2B

7 OVHS (135/95)




For time:


Partner 1:

28 Pull-ups

11 OVHS (95/65)


Partner 2:

16 C2B 

7 OVHS (115/80)

First, teams will declare who is partner 1 and who is partner 2 to their judge. Athlete 1 will start by completing the pull-ups, then move to their bar for OVHS. Athletes may get the bar OVH however they choose. Once Athlete 1 has finished, the judge will give Athlete 2 the okay to start on their part. Your time will stop when Athlete 2 has stood up their final OVHS.