Crash The Bash

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Crash in the Bash is a unique competition where athletes will compete under the lights!.. Wabash CrossFit is proud to host Crash the Bash on Friday October 5th. This competition will be composed of 4 peron teams, 2 male, 2 female. Your team will compete in 3 workouts in 40 min.Along with a floater WOD. The cool part is... It all takes place under the lights in downtown Wabash, right on the street! The workouts will test all fitness domains. Each workout will have scaling options built within and there will be a scaled podium as well! Cash prizes for RX winners! 

After your 40 min you will be able to explore all of what downtown Wabash has to offer. Great food, drinks, shopping, and even a hotel steps away from the compeition. 


There will be no refunds, all payments are final. 

Substitues will be allowed, we understand life happens, we just ask you make us aware of any team changes. 

Bring your jump rope, belts, wraps, shoes, water, and whatever you need for a good time at a CrossFit comp. 

Parking will be on the street. Downtown Wabash does have a few parking lots that are close to the event. The competiton will be on Miami Street between Market and Canal street.